Carefree Highway

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It was 8:30 on a Monday morning and "Yun Hi Chala Chal" was blasting through the speakers of our bus. That song described our situation in an unknown way. That alluring view from our windows and the fact that we were travelling. This song fitted perfectly. 

It was a pleasant ride even though there was a lot of noise. Front seats of our bus were taken by seniors and a few juniors who were busy wrapping the Cameras and mobile phones with plastic sheets while the backseats had a totally different scene. One of my friend and a senior whom I met for the first time were dancing on every song. It looked more like they were having a competition about who can dance weirder.

March 18, 2019!
Skipping my college, here I was, sitting on a bus with 9 others from which half of them were unknown to me. I was meeting them for the first time but it still felt like I have known since forever. For the records, I didn't feel it difficult while communicating with them. I felt at ease with them. I wanted to be carefree and nothing mattered at that moment, I just wanted to enjoy myself with these people.

We were a group of 5 seniors and 5 juniors heading towards Vrindavan, a holy town in India. Our trip was just for one day but it gave me lifetime memories and some amazing new friends. It was my first trip with my college mates and it was just us students and no elder to guide upon. All that fun was unbelievable. And I can say that this was one of the best trips I have been to till now. 

This trip was unique and in a good way. Our day started with Bread-Jam sandwiches because that was all we had, some bread and jam and Coffee from the nearest roadside food stall we found. It was a very basic breakfast, with a very different plan.  With the constant bickering between seniors kept us hooked and the beautiful sceneries were adding flavours to our trip and food. 

Food, Music, friends and beautiful landscapes. Doesn't that all just sound perfect on its own. What more does a photography student want?

We came here to shoot a documentary on how the widows play Holi, a festival of love and colours. We couldn't shoot it but we got ourselves some unforgettable memories and a never-ending bond. This one day escape from our daily life got us something grand to keep with ourselves. 

So my dear seniors,

Let's do this again! Shall we?

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