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I was frustrated he acted so innocent why did I fall for that? I want to leave this work but I have to stay I need money. I got in my office sat down and held my head in my hands. I was thinking and then it hit me... I can go to Russia I will talk to Zion he can make it happen

"Zion" I said

"hey Abigail" He smiled he is really friendly

"um I wanted to talk to you" I said

"yeah what's up"

"so you know Lee he is in Germany promoting you guys I can go to Russia and do that too"

"what? Russia?why?" he asked shocked

"First my dad is there I am from Russia second I want to escape from some problems in LA" i said

"I am okay with it if you want I will talk to Brandon he is the boss for that" He said and left I sighed I was afraid

I was in my office I finished and I left the building

"Abigail" I turned and saw Zion with Brandon

"hey wassup"

"you can go"Z smiled and I smiled too

" holy fuck... Oh shit sorry... Sorry again"I said and they laughed

"thank you" I smiled and they hugged me

"when am I leaving?"

"tonight at 3AM"

"fuck...I don't have time well see ya in how much?" I asked

"in 7 days" I hugged them and ran to my car

I walked in and saw Erica and John

"guess who is going to Russia tonighttttt???"

"Whatttttt?" they screamed

"mhmm what you heard" i said

"noo babyy for how long?" J asked

"7 days"


"sorry guys I gtg" I said and started packing my stuff

The time went by soon it was 2AM and I was about to leave to the airport

Nick's POV

"yo Abigail is from Russia I didn't know that" Z said

"yeah same she is going there now for 7 days or so" B said

"what?" I asked

"she is going to Russia for 7 days promoting us"

"and no one talked to me about this well thank you maybe I don't want her to go" I said raising my voice

"god Nick sit your white ass down" Z rolled his eyes

"when is she leaving?" I asked

"ummm... And the plane is in the air.... NOW" B said and chuckled

"ughh" I groaned

Abigails POV

i was in the air I was relieved all the stress was leaving my chest... Besides Nick I couldn't stop thinking about him he hurt me.

After a long ass fly we were finally there. I got out got my luggage and found my uber.

We drove for 3 minutes then we stopped I stopped at my dad's house my mom lives here too but they divorced.

I knocked on the door and my sleepy dad opened the door his eyes widened when he saw me

"hollu fuck Abigail" He hugged me tight and I hugged him too I missed him

"dad I missed you"

"my princess I did too" i walked in the house was well settled

I went to ber cause I was tired and my dad left for work soon after I came.

I was sleeping like a baby them someone knocked on the door It can't be dad he is coming back at 8PM

I opened and saw...a good looking boy

a good looking boy

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"Zdravo... Oh" (здраво)

"Zdravo.. Do you speak English cause the only Russian thing I know is Zdravo (hello)" he laughed

"yeah no prob.. Um may I ask who are you?"

"I am Dedov's daughter"

"ohh well I live next door and I needed to get something you father is the best he gives me video games" he chuckled

"yeah he definitely is the best.. Come in" He walked in and sat on the couch

We were talking a lot he is a soccer player i talked about my life

"so you are here for work eventually"

"yup" I nodded

"well I am sad because you will leave and happy because I met you" he smirked

"oh you are making me soft  huh" I giggled

"maybe.." he leaned and pressed his lips on mine I kissed back without hesitation he softly pushed me I was laying he was on top of me we were making out until someone knocked on the door

"hey dad" I smiled fixing myself

"hey.. Oh hey Nikola" cute name

"hey Marko" Nikola smiled

"why are you here... Ohoh I know come here... Wait you guys met right?" Nikola looked at me and smirked

"yeah dad we did" I smiled friendly and left them alone

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