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I Felt I Failed You,Why?

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I Felt I Failed, Why?

Never the less have Niomi looked in the mirror or asked herself why she looked so sad or what’s bothering her. It’s as if she seems, she’s alone. It hurts her more than she thought it would be. She could feel her red darkened heart boiling from fear and agony. As the day her best friend flown away from her arms… Nothing was the same any more…

 Is failure a crime?

Why did she feel it was her fault?

On the day the death escalated, the parking space filled with blood. Running through the double door astonished as I saw a red car tipped over. Paused for a moment not daring to scream her name. Not thinking of my next motive as my heart slows down beating at every second from all this running. Every thing and everyone slowed down no even walking in such a hurriedly pace. Calling 911 within a second or two. I saw I only saw my best friend lay reaching for me to save her, I ran. I panicked couldn’t do anything. Reaching for her hand, kissing it saying “It’s going to be alright hang in there”. I –I –I the only words she could say. I yell “finish it, please don’t leave me, I need you”. Blood splattered in my face my hands soaked in her blood. Wearing the same clothes both bloody. Me saying “I love you, I love you, you hear me” knowing I was too late. Eyes close within one glimpse of my mind. “Sorry, sorry, I love you so dearly please don’t let go” clenching on to her hands knowing she let go seconds before. I failed you, I did, and I really did. Grabbed away off my feet. I grab for her heart necklace not letting go “pull I say to myself pull”. The only thing that is left from her. Close my eyes thinking can this be a dream……

No it’s real.

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