Chapter One | The DX Suprise

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Ashley-Chey's POV

I was walking down the hallways of school when I feel something touch my back from behind me. I jump. "Hey, Ash, wanna come to the drive in with me?" I looked to my right. It was Cherry. "Cherry, you scared me" I said looking down at the ground. "Oh I'm sorry" she said. I'm a nervous reck because a few months ago I got jumped by some Greasers. Mostly because some of the Socs jumped a Greaser and the Greaser thought it was me who did it. "Well do you want to go to the Drive in with me?" Cherry asks me. "Will there be any Greasers?" I ask nervously. "No, but if there is, I'll protect you" She said. "Alright I guess" I reply

We get to class and sit and wait for the teacher to come. In the middle of class the teacher tells us that we have to wright a report on our biological parents. I got depressed at that moment. I don't know m biological parents. I was adopted by some rich folks. But my adopted parents abuse me because I'm too short. Which is true, I'm pretty short for a 16 year old but I shouldn't be abused because of it.

The school day ended and me and. Cherry went to the DX to get some snacks for my kid brother. He's my adopted parents real son, he's 14. He's also the favorite but he's super nice and gets me through my hard times. The bell rang on the door when we entered the gas station. "The names Sodapop, how may I help you two?" The guy at the counter said to us. My face became pale when I say him. I hid behind Cherry and said "That's a Gre- Gre- Greaser." "Don't be scared, he won't hurt you, plus I'm here" Cherry said to me while hugging me. "Why is a Soc like you scared of a Greaser like me" Sodapop asked. I didn't want to say anything so I looked at Cherry to speak. "A few months ago some Socs beat up one of the Greasers. The Greasers thought it was Ashley and beat her up. Now she's even more scared now because she gets beat up at home by her aborted parents." Cherry explains. "Oh so your just like Johnny" he said. We both look at him confused. "Johnny is a Greaser. The one who the Socs beat up. He's a nervous reck, he also gets beat up at home too. But we can't stop it. We ain't have the power to do that" He explains. Me and Cherry nod. Then Cherry looks back and forth at us. "You two look a lot alike" she said. Sodapop looks into a mirror then looks at me. "Yeah we do a bit."

Cherry checks the clock on the wall "oh sorry guys I got to go but I'll see you later Ash" She says. I wave. She leaves. "Your adopted right?" He asks me. I nod. "What was your last name before you got adopted" he asks. I still had the same last name because my adopted parents thought I  didn't deserve there last name. "Curtis" I say whispering while looking down at the ground. "Speak up" "Curtis" I said loud enough for him to hear. "Full name?" He said. "Ashley-Chey Marie Curtis" I reply. "Well Ashley, you found your biological brother" he said. I look at him with a straight face. I smile. "I have a family?" I ask. I was starting to open up to him. "Yeah, And you have a older brother named Darrel but we call him Darry, he's 20 and you have a 14 year old brother named Ponyboy." I laughed at that name. "And where's mom and dad" I ask him. He puts his head down. "They died in a auto wreck, we were on own way to get you back because we heard you were in a bad place at home" we stared at each other in silence. "My shift is about to end so I'll walk to home to meet your brothers." He said. I smile

We walk down a road. We arrive at a house.  Sodapop unlocks the door and we walk in. "Who's the chick" A kid said, he looked around 14, that was probably Ponyboy. My fave turned pale, he looked like one of the Greasers who jumped me. "Well Ponyboy, this is Ashley, she's our sister" Sodapop explains. Ponyboy gets up from his chair and hugs me. He looks at my arm and notices a bruise on me. He looks at Sodapop. "She acts like Johnny since she got jumped before by us. She also gets abused by her adopted parents." Sodapop explains.

A few hours go by and I met the whole gang, even my older brother Darry.

"So, your adopted parents beat you?" Ponyboy asks me.

I nodded.

"Same" I heard Johnny whisper.

"Well Ash, I talked to you parents and they said that you can live with us" Darrel says while walking back into the living room from the kitchen.

"Really?" I jumped up from my seat. He nods. I give him a hug. Pony and Soda hugs us and it becomes a group hug.

A boy walks into the house. "Sorry I'm late guys" he said quietly. He looks at Ponyboy when he notices me. "Who's that" he said mumbling to Pony.  "That's why sister" Ponyboy said. "My twin" Sodapop adds on.

The boy just stares at me for a hour while we all were talking about stupid stuff. Pony notices. "Johnny, mind helping me in the kitchen with something. I need a tuff guy to help" Pong says. The boy follows him.

Johnnys POV

"Dude, why you starin' at Ash like that?" Pony asks me.

I sigh.

"She's cute I guess" I say.

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