~Tsundere!Meliodas x Elizabeth~

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Hello. First one-shot and it's been a while since I've had anything to do with a Tsundere, even if they were a one compared to tens on the Tsundere scale. Anywho, hope you enjoy this, I didn't know how Tsundere to make Sir Meliodas so I just went for a one to two, anywho, enjoy! 

OnlyUsingToRead Hope you enjoy, I'm going to binge some anime now :3


 It was a normal day; well, as normal as it can be traveling with the Seven Deadly Sins at least. You wouldn't have thought that a princess would've been the one to reunite them all, let alone have one fall for her. The princess? Well, Princess Elizabeth of course! She had reunited them, and is still traveling with that band of misfits. Magical misfits, I supose. The Sin that fell for her? None of that the Dragon Sin himself, Meliodas, or Sir Meliodas, as Elizabeth calls him. He would never admit to his feelings though, maybe too embarassed or afraid of rejection even. He covered up his feelings by being himself, that little pervert. He didn't do it to often...he thought, he wasn't really sure. He would embarass her and then Diane call him a womanizer, to which he'd laugh at. Hawk would also get at him as well but it didn't seem to effect as muh either way. But let's turn the tables, see how he really feels.

~Sir Meliodas's P.O.V~

"-womanizer!", Diane yelled at my again as she flailed me around outside. Yeah, this was the usual now I guess. 

"Diane! Come on, put me down!", I yelled up at her smiling before I felt the earth against my face. Yup, she throw me down again. Fair enough, I got back up and saw Elizabeth walk outside, her hair being moved around slightly by the breeze, he eyes all shiny, her prett-her smile.

"Sir Meliodas! Sir Ban has been looking for you, he said he needed your help.", she said with a gentle smile.

"Yeah, okay. With what?"

"Cooking.", she paused, looking back at the Boar's Hat.

"Cooking?", Diane questioned from behind me. I took my leave and walked over to the door, waving and saying a quick 'bye' to Diane, only slightly directed at Elizabeth. I made my way through the seating area, Hawk running by every once in a while, until I made my way to the kitchen.



Ban looked down at me before going back to work. I waited for him to tell me what I should help with but he just kept working.

"What'd you need help wi-"

"Elizabeth. You like her, don't you?", he said smirking down at me. I kept a straight face and laughed a bit.

"What now? Why wou-"

"Meliodas, I know. I've seen you looking at her, not in a way Diane's been yelling at you about, too. You like her.", he said matter-o'-factly. I just kept my straight face, but I could feel my heart, in a weird way.

"Ban, I don-"

"Yes, yes you do. Your just being stuborn about it, one day you'll admit it to yourself, and I'll get to say I was right, and you were wro-", I cut him off this time.

"Was this all you needed?", I asked him with my voice toned down a bit by an octave. He sighed and nodded. I turned around and went to go outside when I saw Elizabeth making her way to me. Do I? Do I like her, more than as a friend?

"Sir Meliodas!-", I heard her say my name but tuned out verything she was saying, She is great

"-what do you think Meliodas?", I looked up to see King was floating next to her. Now I wish I paid a bit more attention.

"Y-yeah! That sounds great!", I said with a happy tone. I didn't know what I agreed to, but I hope it won't backfire. Elizabeth clapped her hands togethor before smiling and saying a quick 'thank you'. I looked at King only to see he had disappeared off to somewhere, probably Diane. I walked outside and took a seat on the porch.

 Elizabeth. She is pretty great, she's sweet and caring, loving. Wonderful to, I guess. I've never thought about it that way. I wonder if she'd like me back, if I did like her. She probably won't though. I haven't though about how much of a...me I've been to her. Does she want someone like me...no, no, would she want someone like that if I did infact like her. I'm thinking to much into this. I wonder what it would be like to just...no. She wouldn't want to. Would she? I don't even know, I should stop assuming.

"M-Meliodas? What are you still doing here!", I look up to see King.

"Oh, what's up?"

"Elizabeth is probably waiting for you! You should be there right about now!", he yelled...as yelly as he can get, at least.

"W-hat? Where?", oh no, was this the thing I agreed to!? I'm going to be late to see Elizabeth? I don't know where she is even! I should be telling him this!

"W-where I am suposed to be?"

"For Pete's sake-by the lake! GO!", now he yelled and that was my signal to run as fast as I could to the town's lake. What did I agree to!

~One 'Short' Run Down to the Lake Later~

"Sir Meliodas, I was worried you had forgoten to come down here.", she smiled that brilliant smile of hers. Wait...'brilliant'?

"Yeah, I guess that happened, but just a bit.", 'just a bit'? What does that even mean!? Get yourself together.

"Well, you're here now, that's what matter."

"So now we're...", I trailed off to here what we'd actually be doing.

"Watching the stars, of course.", she said looking over her should as the sun started to set. W-watching stars? Huh.

She sat down and motioned for me to sit next to her, so I made my way down to sit with. The sun disappeared and a few moments later the stars came out, the moon glowing behind a cloud. I looked away to sneak a peak of Elizabeth out of the corner of my eye, she was smiling, her eyes trained on the stars. And then, then their was her hand. Should I do it? Oh for the love of-why not. I held her hand and she turned slightly to me, now looking at my eyes, gripping my hand a tiny bit, almost in a comforting way.

I guess she would want to be close to someone like me.



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