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Agenda: Your Review on Film Companion

Want to have your reviews published on Film Companion? Follow FC and submit your reviews on Wattpad for the movie #SOTY2. The best ones will be featured on our website

Note: Only reviews with hashtag #YourReviewOnFC will qualify for the contest.


a. The contest is open to everyone. The minimum word limit for the review is 300 words. Multiple entries will not be entertained.

b. It's mandatory to use the hashtag #YourReviewOnFC on Wattpad.

How to publish your story/review on wattpad?

How to create your account on wattpad?

c. Share the link to your review on Wattpad on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #YourReviewOnFC and #SOTY2. Do not forget to tag @filmcompanion.

d. Add #YourReviewOnFC to your review and share the link to our inbox.

e. FC Editorial team will have the final say in the selection of the best review(s) to be published on Film Companion's website.

f. The winning entries will also be featured on Wattpad India's reading list and social media handles, giving visibility to top writers on a global stage.

f. In case you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in comments.


May 10, 2019 : Begin accepting #YourReviewOnFC

May 13, 2019 : Last date to submit entries.

Language supported: English

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