The Adoption

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 "Finally, we're out!" James exclaimed. 

Everyone chuckled as they walked out of the castle that had been their home for the past year. To Scarlet the end of the year exams weren't so bad, but to Sirius and James....well they were brutal. Well, maybe not brutal, considering they excelled in everything they did, but they just hated studying. Why do that when there were pranks to pull? Scarlet hated studying just as much as the boys did, though she had Lily to be persistent in keeping her on track.  Looking back on the past year Scarlet chuckled when James first became really doe eyed at her new red headed best friend.


"Scar, she's just so pretty. Put in a good word for me?"

"James I'll do my best, but keep in mind, you're eleven. Chill."  

"One of these days, Lily Evans will be my bride."

Scarlet and Sirius rolled their eyes at each other. They'd already heard this revelation over the past few weeks..

"Of course she will James....of course she will."


  But getting back to finals, the boys seemed to excel in every class. It was completely unfair. Well, not that she was complaining....she was just as good as the boys in that regard. However, the only one Scarlet struggled in was History of Magic. That class was the definition of boring. It's kinda hard to hold your concentration while Binns drones on, and on....and on.....and....on. Scarlet was falling asleep just thinking about it. 

The summer air felt good on their skin, and the four of them made their way to the Hogwarts Express. With their trunks, pets, and everything else already loaded up the only thing left the do was board the train. But for Scarlet it was more than that. She was currently homeless, and Sirius couldn't have her live with him. His own family predicament was just as bad. His parents had been furious with him when they found out he wasn't in Slytherin as well. Not enough to disown him, but just enough to make his life hell. He didn't want that for Scarlet. His girl, his trusty best friend. The one who he vowed to protect for the rest of his life. This was his way of doing it. He'd take the beatings, the verbal abuse, he wouldn't subject her to that anymore. Never again would she be treated like that. She deserved so much better. And if he could keep her from it, he would. 

The four boarded the train, in the same compartment they met just months prior. A feeling of Deja Vu was setting in and it felt nice. Once again Lily came in, but instead of just talking, she sat down next to Scarlet and they discussed what she was going to do now that she didn't have a home. Scarlet thought about it for a minute before answering.

"Honestly I don't know. I mean you all saw the letter I received on Christmas."

Right before Christmas her grandmother passed away.(She was extremely proud that her granddaughter was in Gryffindor, thus breaking the family mold) The result of that was she left Scarlet all of her money in her will. Her father wouldn't see a penny of it. Scarlet now had old family money that rivaled the Malfoy's to the point that she had more. Being financially independent at twelve wasn't exactly what she had in mind for her life, but she could make due. Was it even legal to live on your own so young?

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