My Seatmate

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Y/n entered the classroom....teacher asked you to introduce did as she said, "Hey, I'm (y/f/n)...take care of me and hope get along soon, thank you" and teacher made you sit with Will....after y/n's intro teacher(Miss Rosy) started to teach...y/n felt a strong gaze upon her, without looking at will she asked "is something on my face?" By her question will got back to his sense and blushed with replying "Uh-um...I'M SORRY" with that teacher with her eyes signalled him to not disturb the class
School End
*as author is SO LAZY*
You guys exchange numbers and went to your home. All the way back to your home, you were only imagining about, fantasies of him filled your mind
I think angels are real, but girl I think it is difficult for you to have a chance with him, in school all girls wander near him, I think I should think about my studies and forget about
None's POV
You reached your home and your mum asked how was your day and all, you told her that you got a friend named William, didn't tell her that you fall in love with him at first sight otherwise you'll have to listen an hour lecture that you should focus on studies not on other things...
You went to your room, laid on your bed for a while...thinking
"I think it would be better if I focus in my future because daydreaming about him won't make him fall for me and it would be hard for me to study"
Then to directly went to your bathroom and take a bath....after bathing your mom called you downstairs as you were hungry
*break! As you guys thinking why y/n is so considerate towards her studies, so lemme tell you she is an A+ student and want to become a engineer, but whatever you wanna become you can imagine, it's your personal choice...WITHOUT WASTING PRECIOUS TIME OF YOUR, LET'S GET BACK TO THE STORY*
Y/n went downstairs and asked "what did u make?"
"Fried rice" mom replied. After finishing your food you went back to your room and studied for 3 hrs (1 hr thinking bout ur crush)
You planned to text him

*on phone*Hey! Ssup?                                                                         Hey! Thanks, m good, wbu?                                                                         What are you doing? M also good,just finished studying a...

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*on phone*
Hey! Ssup?
                                                                         Hey! Thanks, m good, wbu?
                                                                         What are you doing?
M also good,just finished studying
and you?
                                                                         Oh great!
                                                                         M playing video games.
Btw...I'll ttyl cz my bed is missing me.
And I think I shouldn't make it miss me more
                                                                          😂Oh okay! Bbye,

*here's the end of another chapter...I hope you guys like my fanfic...suggest me some more you guys at another chapter...I hope I'll update soon because my new session of school is about to start, so....tell me guys what do you wanna become and recommend me some's it tell me in comment section...
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