First Meeting

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(Y/N) and will are classmates and friends too. Both of you in same are new in school and you don't have any friend....You meet him near your locker......
He is taking his books from his locker and you see him and thought "what a charming boy is he? " He see at you and give a small smile and you thought that "(y/n) if you don't talk to him then you'll never get him" and you said "hey!  What's your name? I'm (y/f/n) " then he replied "I'm William... William Franklyn Miller ".... You said "oh hi!! Can we be friends? " moving your hand towards him for handshake. He also moving his hands for handshake and said" sure,  we can". In your school mostly girls have a crush on him and many of them try to get closer to him.... But you're not less beautiful. Then a boy come there and distract you and will, said" sorry for disturbing both of you btw... I'm Jack... Jack Roosevelt, what about you pretty girl? " and winks at you. You ignore him and and go toward your class in rush. You suddenly smash with a girl, she's  your age... You said in guilty sound " Im.. I'm sorry I don't want to...but" she stops you by talking, said" its ok, I'm fine "helping each other by picking your books then she asked your name, you replied sweetly " I'm (y/n)  and I'm new in this school, what about you? " she said "I'm daisy Roosevelt "replying to her in thoughtfully manner "umm..I heard this surname before but I don't remember that person..... Lemme think hh!! " she laugh a little and said "no need to think now we are getting late for our class let's go first, OK" you said in low sound " okay!! ".  When you enter in class you get surprise that will is your partner, you see at him and replied "hi again" n he said " yeah, again😊".
Your love story begins from now!!

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