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Hey its Sophie!!

So i have a really close friend whom i known since like 1st grade. and like she has some difficulties in school. like when we were in 7th grade most people were reading at like a 7th-8th grade level and she was reading at like a 4th grade level. so with this she switched schools a lot because they didn't really help her.

well she stop showing up at school and i thought she was sick because she was last time i saw her. but my friend who was also friends with the girl asked her why she wasnt at school the past days, and out of no where she moved school. She never told us. Like there was no heads up and we saw her so much during the summer and like she never mentioned she was leaving. she said last year that in a few years when her dad about to retire there going to move to Utah. But she like never told us this.

and like shes just been so weird lately.like well ask her whats up and shell gives us one word or like we be texting for a while and bring the topic up and shes all of a sudden has to leave. Like we've been texting for like 5 hours. like how can you be busy on a friday night at 10 o'clock at night.

Idk im just really fed up right i have alot of my friends at the moment trying to get to my personal problems and like this friend who's just hiding everything. its just so stupid but i have the losers which are better than all of them.

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