She Is Still Moving

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College year hard time on studying hard time thinking so stressed after a few weeks the teacher there is a new student here she is a girl here she is I was shocked she is still following me every time new school empty sit beside me so the girl sitter be side she smiled at me and listened to the the teacher classes hours are finished I have 5 home works

2 hours later

I was done with the two home works someone knocked at my door it was the girl said hi I said this is not the good time she said ill make your problems wash away suddenly she kissed me I forgot what I was doing she run out I think she wants me as her boyfriend I called my mom I told her the girl that hugged me and that said I love you she kissed me she said give her a chance Brandon I said ok ill ask her out i walked to her dorm I said wanna go out tomorrow night? She said yes

16 hours later.

I said to myself its almost time I hurried to my room I dressed when I walked out i saw her with a beautiful dress blooming like a flower I said your beautiful she smiled at me i said lets go we gone to carpenter it was a FOUR star restaurant it was pretty expensive but I spend my life savings for her we ate so we walked at the park I said do you want me as a your boyfriend she said ( saddened voice ) yes I said ok I kissed her she was shocked she accepted me we do everything together

4 years later

College was done the girl is at her room i heard crying I peaked when i saw her she sawed me too she said hi Brandon classes over? I said yeah ummm why are you crying She said ( saddened voice ) I have to go back to my family in the Philippines my dad is gonna work in the UK there was a college there fit for me i said ( saddened ) ok so we cant see each she Said yes I'm sorry we are through

8 years later

I got a job as a vice president of a company when i think about chocolates flowers I always remember her she has the beautiful smile my life was depressed for four years it was a hard time


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