The Girl That Wanted More

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It was the end of the last day of school I was gonna be in highschool when I was walking the girl run into me and hugged me she said ( I love you ) I was shocked she was blushing she run to her mom I walked up to the car thinking I'm too young to be a lover I told my mom she said ( she must have a permanent heart on you brandon ) I said nah she must be joking I'm just an ordinary kid I'm too young to love a girl

2 months later

Its the first day to highschool the bell rung the principal said go to the center 5 minutes later it was class time first period English I thought the girl was in a another school few minutes later she opened the door she said I'm sorry I'm late teacher that's why there's an empty sit beside me she stated there smiling at me she said long time no see Brandon I said hi the day that school started was Feb 12 1999 tomorrow is valentines day I had extra money so I bought the girl chocolates and some roses morning alarm clock ranged I showered dressed I hurry to school I sawed the girl sad there as I walked up to her said here this is for you she smiled at lunch time he tasted the chocolates she said it was sweet and she smelled the roses they smelled like her favorite perfume I said here it cost me lots of money but here's your favorite perfume she was shocked she can't say a word it was class time she passes me a paper it says I love you with hearts all over it

It was end of school going home I walked and she run into me and kissed me I was shocked I was in home told my mom she said is it the same girl I said yes she said she must like you very much it was the night she texted me said hey Brandon was there an assignment? I said no she said OK with a heart.

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