Chapter One: What Are You, Chicken?

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Hailey laughs at a scowling May.

She shakes her head, her light brown hair flying around. "I. Can't. Belive you. Forgot it!" Hailey gasps out between laughs. "And you wait until it's dark to get it? Doesn't it have all your notes on it?"

"Yea." May says. "I'm calling Jessica and Amy to come with us."

Hailey pulls out her phone. "Alright I'll call Naomi and Shay. Oh tell Jessica to bring Kelly too."

"Really Hailey? The beast is not tamed." Shay's voice laughed over the phone, she always referred to her super curly brown hair as "The Beast"

The girls call up their friends and they all agree to meet at the from of the school.

Five minutes later everyone is talking outside the school. "Really May! That huge test is tomorrow and you forget your phone here." Jessica shakes her head. Jessica had long brown hair that was in a ponytail.

Amy giggles. "Have fun staying up all night." May rolls her eyes at her friend and starts to play with her brown hair.

"Why are all your notes on your phone anyway?" Shay asks. May shrugs and looks at their school.

"Why aren't the lights on?" Asks Amy nervously.

Kelly walks infront of everyone and opens the doors. "What are you, chicken? Come on!"

"I could be watching Gossip Girl." Naomi scowls. Hailey laughs and pushes her friend into a locker. "Jeez! Abusive much!"

"Shut up, shorty, we're here to help find May's phone, it's like an adventure!" Hailey skips down the dark hallway, but ends up tripping over a garbage can.

"Haha! Karma loser!" Shouts Naomi. "And we are the same size!"

All the girls laugh and continue walk up to the second floor where May's locker was.

"Hey Jessica there's you and Brad." Laughs Amy and May pointing at a mural of two people kissing.

"Shut up you guys! We've only been dating a few weeks!" Jessica rolls her eyes and walks slightly faster, but not before Kelly catches a faint hint of a smile.

"Is Jessica blushing up there?" She teases.

"Hey look your locker!" Jessica blurts out pointing at May's locker. May walks up to it.

"I can't see a thing." May says quietly squinting at the lock. Shay whips out her phone and turns on the flashlight.

"I got this ladies!" She yells into the darkness. After about five tries May finally got her locker open.

"I did it guys!" She says holding up her phone. "Now let's leave this is creepy."

"I'm with you on that one!" Naomi says walking down the stairs.

"Come on you guys, we should walk around for a bit." Says Kelly staring at the painting of Shakespeare on the wall. "Why is this even here?" Naomi shrugs and starts to walk out the big double door.

"Wait a second. Where's Hailey?" Amy wonders, looking around. "Hailey! We're going now! You can stay in the creepy school all night but we're heading off!" Amy shouts down the empty hallway. Shay crosses her arms.

"Hailey, hurry up!" Jessica yells. She rolls her eyes. "Well she can wait until morning, come on May, I can help you study." Suddenly Kelly grabs May's shoulder.

"Wait. Did you hear that?" Kelly whispers. She looks around. "Tell me you heard that!" Naomi and Shay look at each other and shrug.

"Kelly, I think you need some sleep." Says Amy as she takes Kelly's arm and leads her out of the building. Suddenly an ear splitting scream echoes through the empty halls.

"Tell me you guys heard that one!" Kelly says, gesturing to the hallways. All the girls nod.

"That sounded like Hailey."

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