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I flopped onto the bed and gave a tiny groan harry followed into our private hotel suite and closed the door behind him.

"I know I said this before but damn you were good tonight."

I managed a smile as I rolled over onto my back still fully dressed in pink-sparky-glitterness.

Harry playfully jumped on to the bed. Which I followed with a moan of

"I'm sooo tirredd I'm going to bedd."

"Come on Taylor it's Vegas!" He said on his hands and knees. "We cannot turn in for the night now, there's still places to see stuff to do, bars to drink at, and you're telling me you want to go to bed?"

"Yess. You can go do all that but I'll be right here." I said rather sharply though I didn't mean to be.

So harry stopped all his playfulness and laid down lightly besides me.

"Alright." He started in a toned down voice. "You win we'll go to bed. And I'll be here holding you and playing with your hair or rubbing your back and starting out at the window at all the lights and fun we're missing."

"Hey we'll be here tomorrow, maybe we can go when your the tired one after a performance." I joked. A quick pause. "Honestly you can go."

Harry rolled over on top of me and put a hand to my face.

"It would be no fun without you anyways." He said in his deep raspy voice.

I smiled and stared into his genuine eyes, he never failed to amazing me with his selflessness.

"What did I ever do so damn right to deserve you?" I asked still holding his gaze.

"I ask myself that question all the time." He replied.

He then leaned in for a kiss I happily returned.

"But honestly if you want to go to bed so bad maybe you should change and get comfortable."

"Okay" I sighed again and began to get up when he stopped me once more.

"Don't worry I got it."

He then sat up and began delicately unlacing my pink sparky heels.

"How the hell for you perform in these?" He asked. He then started massaging my feet without further questioning.

He then got up and unzipped my skirt and then my top and soon I was laying with him in underwear and bra only which at this point in our relationship was perfectly normal however he never seemed to get over it at all.

"god you're so beautiful," he remarked.

I smiled, he took off his shirt, I pulled him in, he grabbed my boobs, I giggled, he smirked, and that was how the night began.

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