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Author note:

Sorry, but for some reason it wouldn't let me right any more's a continue part and please read the author notes,its going to tell you when that ceartain part comes in.

It was Chris. How long have you been standing there,I asked with a scared grin on my face. For a while he said giving me a cute smile.I just stared at him. WHAT!?!,I didn't want to interrupt your thoughts,he said. I wuv you,I said pecking him on the cheek. I love you more,he said. He never says wuv or stuff like that,I hate it. He stopped me, faced me toward him,he was leaning in closer,I love it when we kiss,it's fireworks every time. He was about to lay his lips on mine until he put my head in a head lock. Chris,you stupid Mofo,I yelled. Say it,he said still holding me in a headlock.  Say what,I asked.That you love me more than Nash Grier and Louis Tomlinson,he said giving me an evil grin. Never, I yelled.Ok,we can stand here all day,I don't mind,I hate mondays,he said. Fine with me too,I love the rain,I replied. Ok then, he said. After a few minutes of standing in the cold,now drizzling rain,he finally said,"Just be lucky I love you, he said while loosening his grip.You know I love you more than anything in the universe i said while playfully punching his arm. I know, he said kissing me on my forhead.

Authors note:

I'm so sorry that this chapter is really boring and stuff,but it'll be like that for like one more chapter.Please tell me if you like this or not. Even if you don't can you lease tell me how I can make it better. And yes this is a Louis Tomlinson fanfiction. I hope at least two people are reading this.

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