August 21, 2013

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Sebastian rushed into the the elevator, after parking his car in the residential parking garage of the apartment complex. He jammed his finger into the lobby button when he heard someone shout, WAIT! Sebastian held the door open before they closed.

The woman ran in. She looked at him for a second, then two. "Sebastian?" She asked curiously.

He smiled,"Eva, nice to see you."

"Yeah I haven't see you since New Years," she laughed.

He nodded and waved goodbye once he reached the lobby. He hurried to the lady at the front desk. "Sebastian! Hello, dear. How was your trip?" She greeted kindly.

"Uhh, it was great. Do you know if Autumn is here?" He asked.

"Oh," her face fell and her voice toned down,"she's no longer here. They cleared everything a few days ago."

"What do you mean she's not here? And who's they? Did she move?" Sebastian asked worryingly. He dreaded the answer.

"I'm so sorry Seb, I think you should hear it from her," she voice wavered and she handed him a envelope.

He grabbed it slowly and went up to his apartment. He sat down on his couch, as his fingers hovered over the delicate handwriting. He opened it slowly and pulled out a sheet of lined paper.

Dear Sebastian,

I waited. Maybe I waited too long. Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe I was wasting your time and that's why you left in the first place. I wait for you to send me mail. I check the box everyday, but there's nothing. Sometimes I would think that your letters got lost or misplaced. I'd ask the post office, but the answer was always no. Did you even write me letters? Did you even care? Or was I just nothing? For some time, part of me believed that you would come back. That you would be with me again. I'd know your scent again. But there was that doubt. It was right. You wouldn't come back. You were sick of me being sick of life. I drained your energy and I regret it. I keep thinking back to that day, that day in May. You saved my life and I saved yours. Sometimes it occurs to me, what if you hadn't been there? I would've been splattered all over the streets of New York. What would you have done? Hell, you'd probably be like everyone else. You'd say it was a shame. I know. I'm glad you saved me. I'm glad I fell in love with you. I'm so grateful for you Sebastian, but I shouldn't be with you. In your life, I mean. So I'm doing this out of my own choice. It's for a good reason. This is my last letter to anyone ever. For I will be entering the gates of Heaven. Continue to live Mr. Krabs. I love you dearly.


Tum Tum xx :)

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