Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

"Brandon, you're a nice kid and all but i'm sorry i already have a Fall Ball date" Not. i said smiling politely at him. Well it's not that i don't want to accept this poor boy but this is the same boy that puked on me in 8th grade Home Ec class when we were paired up to cook something with blue cheese. He's the nerdiest of the nerds. Now i need a date for FB, or i could always go alone. Well.

"So Lex, how many guys have actually asked you out for FB?" Lissa asked.

We're currently at my locker taking some books out for first period when Brandon decided to make an entrance. By an entrance i meant he went up to me shaking and he might have peed himself. I don't know what's with this kid but after he puked on me in 8th grade i have a phobia of Barfy Brandon.

Well to answer Lissa's question, "lets see, about uh i don't know 10?"

You see usually guys in GWHS, they don't usually ask me out to dances like the Fall Ball or Spring Fling or the Halloween Night or the Winter Formal and what not, because ever since freshman year of high school, Wes and i would always go together. And since there are rumours going around saying that Wes is one hundred percent going to ask Clarice to the dance since they've made they're status public and official, guys are not afraid to ask.

And apparently the rumours about guys wanting to ask me out but are afraid of Wes turned out to be true. Because so far for the past week after the rumour about Wes and Clarice, 10 guys including Barfy Brandon, has asked me out for the FB but i turned them down. I wasn't feeling it. And i thought Wes and i are going to every dance together for senior year like we promised in freshman year. But nope, when you're a senior, shit happens. Like when Wes decided to date Clarice.

"Wow and you turned them all down?" I just nod.

"Well, let's go, don't want to be late for Mr Hitman's class" i mumbled

"RUN GUYS RUN. COME ON SUMMER'S OVER. ITS BEEN THREE WEEKS YOU NEED TO TRAIN FOR THIS FRIDAY'S GAME" Coach Hiddly our soccer coach shouted from across the soccer field while Coach Daniels, soccer coach for the boys, is aligning the cones on the field. Well this screams 'combined training'.

Currently both teams are assigned to run around the field for 20 minutes and after that we were told to do suicide. And the fun part is -fuck, not really- we have to compete with one another.

Boys VS Girls, the girls and the guys soccer team are back in training for Friday's game and coach, he's not too happy when he found out that he's not allowed to hold trainings during the summer. And the fact that we have two soccer pitch for the girls and guys respectively, they had to combine tranings today. Great.

"Okay guys, and girls, your 20 minutes are up, time for suicide. Captains first." Jay and i took our place behind the cone.

Saluting Jay in the process, to indicate that i'm going to whoop is ass but we both know that he's faster than i am, but today i have this feeling in my gut that i might actually beat his pretty face.

It's true when i say that he has a pretty face, this boy is gorgeous as fuck. Not even kidding.

"Okay, once i blow my whistle, you run like theres no tomorrow and as usual, the loser has to go back in line and run for the second time"

"Get ready babe" Jay said smirking at me.

"Oh it's on pretty boy"

And he blew his whistle, i ran as fast as i could, touched the first cone, run back to the start and touched the cone, run to the second cone, run back to the start. Run to the last cone and run back to the starting line and ran all the way. Not once did i look nor even took a glance at Jay. But both of us are already on the ground. I don't even know who won. Until,

"Jay get your ass back in line and run for the second round. McGram, go and hydrate yourself." said Coach Hiddly.

Walking out of the girl's locker room and almost died of shock. Someone grabbed me and closed my eyes. But the scent is a dead giveaway.

"What the fuck Wes, do you want me dead?"

"What? How did you? What?" He asked confused.

"One, your colonge. Two, i'm your best friend?" I said as if its the most obvious thing ever.

"What do you want Wes? I want to go home. I'm tired"

"Well i was going to ask you out for ice cream since you had a tough practice but oh well, i'm just going to enjoy the ice cream alone. Without my best friend." He fake sighed and shrugged and starts to walk away. My face lit up like the fireworks on the Fourth of July and ran towards him.

"Mmmmm ice cream sound so good right now. Come on" pulling him along. "But why didn't you ask Clarice?" I asked

"Well i told her i want to spend time with you after practice. So, she went home." Oh that's sweet. But it's just a friendly gesture.

"BASKIN Robins?" He asked.

"Like always babe" i smirked and get into my car.

"Wes, wes. WESLEY KNIGHT CASHMORE" his head snapped at me.

"What Alexandria Kay McGram?" He asked narrowing his eyes at me clearly shocked and irritated at my sudden outbreak.

"Your damn phone has been ringing nonstop, you checked and you ignored it." i said glaring at him.

"It's Clarice" he mumbled, i almost didn't catch what he said.

"Clarice? Then why didn't you answer? You're going to let the poor girl call you nonstop and let her phone bills shoot high?"

"Well i told her to leave me alone for awhile because i'm out with you i don't want you to think I'm abandoning you just because i have a girlfriend." He said not looking at me.

"Just go attend to her, i don't want to be the cause of the downfall of your relationship. Just go Wes."

He nodded and gets up answering the phone. As long as he's happy with her, i'm happy.

While waiting for Wes i got a text from Sean.

Sean Caverly: Hey you free?

Me: As of now, nope, maybe later? Why? Im tired Caverly

Sean: Great, meet me at the park at 7.


Me: Yeah okay.

Wes walked back in with stress clearly showing on his face.

"Babe, i need to go, Clarice, well uh, she's being difficult right now." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Nah it's fine, Sean wants to meet me too, oh look at the time its almost seven. Bye Wes." Seriously i'm so done with this, he's stood me up quite a number of times this week. Like how he promised to go out for lunch last Saturday, but it didn't happen because Clarice wants to go out. Right, because now promises don't mean a thing anymore.

I walked out of the ice cream parlour and walk straight to my car starting the engine but to find Wes running to my car knocking on the window. I rolled down the window.

"Lex i'm so sorry i'll make it up to you i promise" oh my god i'm so sick of this. I nod and drive away.

"Hello? Sean? Where the fuck are you?" I asked as soon as the call went through. I've been standing here in the park for fifteen minutes and no sign if Sean. What is he going to be fashionably late? Last time i check he's the one who asked me to meet him.

"Geez snappy pants, turn around" i turned around and there stood a smirking Sean holding a huge stuffed penguin with a sign that says 'YOU, ME? FALL BALL?'

Sean asked Lex out to FALL BALL ayyyy *smirks* hahahah as usual, comment, vote and all that jazzzzzzz. HAHAH GUYS IDK WHY I KEPT PUTTING SPRING FLING WHEN ALL THESE WHILE I WANTED TO PUT FALL BALL HAHAHAHHA

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