~WaffleCanadian - are we in love?

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Author's message: HAI GUYS AND this fanfic is for Wafflesisawesome! Hope u enjoy it and sure to vote it if u like it! BTW, sarah is Wafflesisawesome.

Sarah's POV

One day I woke up late for school "OH MAH GAH I'M LATE FOR SCHOOL" worried and shouted sarah

I got up to get dressed and speeded up and said "BAI MOM!" shouted sarah, I rushed up to school and when I got to my classroom, everyone was there and Ms.Gail is mad for me being late "SARAH WHY R U LATE?!" shouted and asked ms.gail "I-I'm sorry ms." Said sarah "ugh...just GO to ur sit." Said ms.gail, so I went to my sit but a classmate just made me trip. Everyone laughed except for the boy that has brown hair and pure brown eyes "argh!" I shouted and I got up and went to my sit.

~Le Time Skip~

Mitch's POV

The bell rang and all of us got out. But the girl who got tripped was beside me. I think I'm in love with her.

I thought after that the girl got tripped again but I catched her quickly before she falls. I blushed "uh, t-thank u." She thanked "uhhh n-no prob" she got up and she walked off.. I walked off too.

~Le Time Skip, Again~

I was in my home and I goed to my bed and rested but I removed my uniform and get dressed to my jacket, shirt, pants, shoes and necklace. And I walked outta my room and house to have a walk.

Sarah's POV

I walked off and got home. I think I have a crush on that boy. I thought then I went home and get dressed to my clothes. I went to my computer and watched youtube. I watched BajanCanadian play with his friends and his team crafted friends. I think that boy was BajanCanadian.. I thought


I woke up late again and just rushed to get dressed and ran to school but I didn't say bye to mom, I was in a rush and after that Ms.Gail was mad again

"SARAH WHY R U LATE AGAIN?" Madly questioned ms.gail "m-ms I--" ms.gail stopped my words "I DON'T CARE ABOUT UR SORRIES JUST GO TO UR SIT!" Shouted ms.gail. I turned to be sad for being late again :(


The bell rang then before the brown haired boy leave "hey u brown haired boy, wats ur name? =)" I said

"Mitch but I have a YouTube channel called TheBajanCanadian. " I KNEW HE WAS BAJANCANADIAN! I thought "oh *blushes* nice name

;)" I kindly said "thanks. Wats ur name?" Mitch asked

"My name is sarah and I have a wattpad account, its Wafflesisawesome." I answered "oh nice =D" said mitch. After that at outside "uhm, mitch?" I said "yah?" Answered mitch "I-I........" I didn't finish "u wat?" He asked "I'M IN LOVE WITH U!" and I kissed mitch in the lips then pulled away and I covered my face "SORRY I'M SORRY!" I shouted. "I-its ok...I love u too ;)"

SORRY GUYS! THE CHAPTER 2 WILL BE RELEASED SOMEDAY! btw Hope u enjoyed sarah! =) see ya at the next one!!!! :D

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