Almost perfect.

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Almost perfect.

I get the vibe. That I'm nowhere where near almost perfect, and never really worth it.

I was almost the one that was your last.

But they say almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.

I caught the one life threw at me.

Damn I wish they would've told a nigga this was a war.

It exploded. In my hands... I'm Internally eternally scarred with blisters that leak imperfections of a deserted sweetheart. I wiped my eyes and noticed that my hands were filled with the tears that I stopped shedding years before I let go. I wish you would've let me know. But it's okay. You only shed when your about to grow...

It was almost perfect. I was almost worth it.

Now it's half passed nine and you said you only associate with dimes. I'm sorry I wasn't a percentage 10/100 I don't base the effectiveness of my creativity on a scale.

Korey you got the juice... But

I'm irritated that they have no idea that I've created wine. Meant to share at the most precious of times. Yet all they want is juice. Childishness inclined to the highest peak leaves me hopeless. I don't have the juice I have wine. I had wine until someone almost broke the bottle and I decided to grade in my glass bottle for plastic... They don't break as easy. They don't break at all. Glass shatters and I was tired of picking up the pieces. Because every time I offered them wine they dropped the glass... And I watched them. Their hands shook but they claimed steady. Damn I knew they weren't ready... Do people even apologize anymore? It's cool. That's what I have the bible for...

Almost isn't good enough.

solid individual,

pieced together by emotions and fragments of a broken heart...

But I'm not a fan of monotony, stale hours and half-baked proposals....

Although my heart is an organ it isn't meant for you to play your miserable melodies of insecurities on to...

Im no musician, nor am I an architect but that say keys unlock doors dont they?

Each key you touch plays another note and unlocks another door... I watch you walk through the hallways of my mind like a dismantled corridor

then, let your words tear down the walls of my soul... Purpose.

Staring through walls of admiration.

Almost caught my attention,

lets not forget to mention the, extended temporary I want yous

Hidden behind the descriptive impulse of secret destination, brutal thoughts of procrastination, more or less but nothin short of a temporary ... Assassination...

Love is only the concrete. Trust the building... But I burned the bridge...

You can call me an arsonist

Damn you almost got burned. The flames were worth it. We stopped playing with fire yesterday. I was almost perfect...

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