Chapter 1

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Third Person Point of View

It was an afternoon in Camp Half-Blood everything remained silent there were no sounds of laughter in the air instead the air was filled with a somber and grief presence over the campers because it was simply a few days after the Giant War everyone was still mourning and grieving for the ones they lost in the war. People were still mourning their losses.

Leaning against Thalia's pine tree was Percy Jackson Son of Poseidon and two-time Hero of Olympus. Percy lost the Seven during the war leaving him the only survivor of the Seven of the Prophecy, Percy considered them as his family one which burned him the most was his best friend Annabeth Chase who stood with him since he discovered that he was a half-blood and also the one people who encouraged him throughout these prior years. Percy acknowledged that they wouldn't want him to spend the remainder of his life grieving over them but it still pains him that they aren't alive with him.

Today was the day Percy returned to his home, his other family. Percy was returning to see them after a long time, Percy could finally see his elder brother Peter again.

Percy was taken in by May Parker and Ben Parker when Sally Jackson his mother died when he was a year old because May was Sally's best friend, May got custody of Percy. Percy thought of them like his Uncle and Aunt. They raised him along with Peter Parker who was their nephew whose parents also died when Peter was young. Percy and Peter grew up together both as brothers. A few years back tragedy struck their family as Ben Parker died.

~After an hour~

Percy reached his aunt's apartment door and he rang the bell. The door opened and he was pulled into a hug immediately by Aunt May and behind her was Peter who also granted him a hug and welcomed him and to dinner.

The rest of dinner time they all enjoyed themselves and discussed the arrangement made for Percy to change schools to Peter's school. As Percy and Peter shared a room they were awake all night talking about the times with their Uncle Ben and also solving some equations together.


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