Chapter 6

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It had been a few days of being stuck here. This awful place. This place where everything I had loved before, was gone. Well, except Five of course. At least I still had him.

As the days went on, I kept getting more and more used to the new setting. I could tell Five was too. He didn't have as many nightmares. I didn't have to put him to sleep much during the night.

It was pretty weird trying to talk to Delores, the mannequin we decided to keep. I still think I'm crazy for wanting to keep her. But it's worth a shot trying to make another friend, even if they aren't human. Most of the time when Five and I would talk to her, we just ended up laughing from how stupid we sounded. It was fun though.

We tried looking for clues to help us find out what happened to the world, and we tried finding ways to get back home. Five found a piece of old chalk and started writing equations on the old building where we camped out.

"Exactly, how far did we travel?" I asked while he wrote down equations.

"I don't know exactly, but I do know at least a decade." He replied, setting down the chalk yo take a break. I was reading through a newspaper for clues when something caught my eye.

I looked out in front of me and saw a book. I couldn't see the cover clearly, but I felt like I knew the person on the front. I stood up and walked forward.

"Vanya?" I said looking at the filthy book. It was covered in ash.

"What?" Five asked walking over to me. It was Vanya on the cover. The front said "Extra-Ordinary: My Life as Number Seven; By Vanya Hargreeves"

"She- she wrote a book?" I asked puzzled.

"Must have," he said and flipped through the pages. "How about we start reading it.

"Yeah," I said not taking my eyes off the cover. "I wonder if she told the truth. You know, about how things really were."

"Well, let's find out," he said while sitting down. I sat down next to him while he flipped to a page the read "This book is dedicated to my best friends, Y/N, Five, and Ben Hargreeves. You guys always made my feel loved. I miss you everyday. I wish you were still with us."

"Ben?" I asked with a confused look on my face. What happened to Ben? He couldn't have died. He just couldn't. I look up a Five. His face was full of shock and sadness while he stared at the words on the page.

"No, b-but how-" he stuttered. I knew something happened. Something bad. There was only one way to find out. I flipped the page, signaling that the only way to find out what happened, was to read on.

He looked at me a nodded. I sighed. "Chapter One....."


Reginald Hargreeves POV

Today marks exactly one week since they left. For me, nothing has really changed since I still stay in my office. I notice the tension at the dinner table but I don't worry too much. Number Five and Eight leaving just shows the little dedication they had to helping the world.

I'm not very worried about them. They are both smart adolescents. I've had Pogo count each day they are gone though.

I had been updating my journal a lot since their disappearance. After I was finished, I decided to go through old papers and documents.

A couple hours had gone by and I separated piles for the papers. Things to keep and throw away.

I came upon the drawer where I kept the children's old artwork. They always assume I don't pay attention to them or I simply just don't care. I do care, but I always put the important things first.

I made sure to set the artwork near the "keep" pile, and I started looking through it. I pulled out crinkly pieces of paper with scribbled crayon on them. Some of the drawings were from only a few years ago, so they were neater.

Sometimes the children would draw the pictures for me. Sometimes they would abandon the pictures after drawing them, and I would make sure they were kept.

Number Four had drawn many pictures when he was younger. Most of them were pictures of the moselium and the dead people he saw. Of course I didn't like locking him in there, but he had to learn to control it. I could only give him so much guidance. But I am proud that he learned on his own.

I was almost finished with looking through the artwork when I picked up a drawing made by Number Five. He drew a picture of him and Number Eight holding hands and smiling. At the bottom he wrote "By: Five, Age 7."

They were always best friends. I knew that they were interested in each other more, but they couldn't ever say that since they were siblings. Well, if only they knew the truth.

The last picture was drawn by Number Two. It was a picture of myself, with devil horns, a tail, and a red pitchfork. I chuckled to myself. Number Two definitely liked me the least.

I sat the artwork on top of the "keep" pile and opened up one of the filing cabinets. Old bills, awards, certificates, and the children's adoption papers. The bills went in the "throw away" pile, since they were old. I kept the awards and certificates and decided to look through the adoption papers.

I remember how long the adoption process was since their births was so peculiar. It also took a long time trying to find mothers that were willing to give them up.

On the adoption papers, I also wrote down their powers and abilities.

"Number One - strength and durability."

"Number Two - throwing objects with perfect aim."

"Number Three - controlling minds by lying."

"Number Four - can see and talk to the deceased."

"Number Five - can jump through space and time"

"Number Six - can summon tentacles from other dimensions through his skin."

"Number Seven - can turn sound into energy."

So many secrets. So many secrets that could cause a major shift in life if the children found out. Number Seven is definitely the most powerful. But luckily I have that under control.

I am worried about the fact that Number Eight is gone. I'm worried on the effect it will have on her and I. I've kept secrets from all the children. Some of the secrets had to do with them. I want them to find out later, when they are adults. But since Number Five and Eight are gone, that has caused a shift in things.

"I never got to tell her the truth. I didn't get to tell her that-" I was cut off from my thoughts by a knock on the door.

"Come in," I said stacking the papers.

Grace popped her head in the door. "Dinner is ready. Shall I call the children to the dining room?"

"Yes, I will be down shortly. Off you go," I shooed her away. She closed the door and I heard the sound of her heels walk down the hall. I then continued stacking the adoption papers neatly and sat them in the "keep" pile.

All seven of them.

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