Ice-cream Date

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Sasha's pov

I woke up hearing voices downstairs
I frowned I thought I was alone. I took my baseball bat and walked downstairs,i followed the voices and saw it was Liam, Ethan, Miguel and Matthew.

"Omg what the fudge are you guys doing here?!" i yelled.

"Oh you know just chilling and eating all your food" Matthew said shrugging and stuffing his face with MY cereal.

I glared at him and looked at Liam.

"what the fuck are you guys doing here?"

"You and i are going on a date go get ready" Liam said snapping his fingers.

I rolled my eyes and took the closest thing I could reach which was a wooden spoon and threw it at his head.

I walked back upstairs and did my daily routine and picked out my outfit.

Sasha's outfit👇

I walked back downstairs and grabbed liam by his arm and walked out.

"Did you have to drag me?" liam asked

I rolled my eyes and got in my driver's seat.

"You gonna get in or...?" I trailed off.

He huffed like the little man baby he is and got into my car. I rolled my eyes at this "so called gangleader".

I drove to suzy's palace (not sure if that's a place or not).

We walked into this little ice-cream shop and i bought liam amd i ice-cream ignoring his protests to pay.

We sat down and started eating the ice cream well I was liam just sat there pouting.

"What?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"You should've let me pay" liam whined.

I rolled my eyes again and I took liam ice-cream and smashed it into his face.
He yelped making me giggle

"what was that for?" Liam asked.

"Well for you being a whiny bitch" I shrugged.

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