Ed Westwick (smut) Traveling

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"Wow this is so beautiful." You snap a pictures of everything left and right.
I smile at the moment viewed in front of me. I have saved money so I can travel and see new things. It's very new and exciting, there's so much to do and see. I see a park and immediately head over to it. There's always cute dogs at a park so it'll be worth it. There were swans and ducks nearby so I take another picture. I crouch down and get an angle with them and the trees. "You like taking pictures of ducks often?" I immediately flinch and lose my balance making me go head first in the water. "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry!" He pulls me out of the water and I ring out my shirt. "It's okay I was caught off guard." He places a hand on my forearm and says, "No, no I should been more careful. Please let me get you some new clothes." I immediately shake my head no and walk to a nearby bench. "It's the least I can do..." he pauses but I assumed he wanted to know my name. "(Y/n) and it's okay really. Do you know if there's a washateria around?" He tilts his head in confusion, "What is that?" I chuckle and forget that I'm not in the states anymore, "A laundromat?" He laughs, "Oh yes it's around the corner. Can I show you?" I nod my head yes and follow him to his side.

"You never told me your name." I say while we walk side to side. "Oh sorry, it's Ed." He holds his hand out and I shake it while trying to hold in my laugh. "What?" He asks confused. "Nothing your name just reminds me of this movie I saw once." Ed crosses his arms, "What movie?" I look at the floor not making eye contact, "Shaun of the dead." He scoffs, "So you think I'm a fat prick that likes to ice cream and eventually turns into a zombie? All of you Americans are the same-" I cut him off and say, "No, no I'm sorry it was a joke. I didn't mean no racial." Ed laughs while scratching his chin. "I know.. but since you got back at me it's my turn."
"And what's that?" I smirk getting ready for a smart remark. "What's the difference between America and yogurt?" A short pause was made, "If you leave yogurt alone for 200 years it will develop a culture." He whispers the last part in my ear and walks passed me. "Fuck.. that was a burn." I laugh and catch up to him.

We arrive at the laundromat and I empty out my bag of clothes. I still had my backpack with me after I got out of the plane. I start throwing my clothes in the big dryer, then I start taking off the clothes I was wearing. "Woah! What are you doing?"
"I'm drying my clothes?" I continue to take off my pants and shirt. "You could get in trouble for this." I shrug as I start the dryer. Then I sit down at a nearby chair and he does too. "You-" he closes his mouth and doesn't say anything else. "What?" Ed shakes his head no, "Come on tell me Ed." I start to poke his arm and he leans away. "I think you're... body.. is beautiful." He says the last part quickly so he thinks I didn't hear him. "Really? I mean I think it's weird and-" He places a hand on my thigh. "Trust me it's not weird."

It stays quiet for a few minutes then Ed finally speaks up. "Would you like to go sightseeing? Together?" I smile at him and blush, "I would love to." The dryer buzzes and I quickly get my clothes out they were so warm. I put a dress on that I've been wanting to wear and some perfume. "Alright I think I'm ready." We walk down the street talking about London, laughing and smiling the whole way.

The whole day we saw buildings that had history outside and inside. "I'm glad you're having a great time."
"Thank you for showing me around Ed, I appreciate it. I should get going though it's going to get late." I start walking and waving. "Wait. Where is your hotel exactly?" I look at my phone and pull up on maps. "I know it's on the East side uhh-" Ed quickly cuts me off, "Look I think you should stay with me for the rest of your trip." I raise my brows in response, "I know that you don't know me well enough but I can't let you sleep in that hotel." We continue to his place without any argument.

"East side can be very dangerous, especially when it comes to tourists." He says while we enter his apartment. "I hope sleeping together won't be a problem. I don't have a couch, yet." I set my bag down and throw myself on the bed. He comes around and I stand up and take off my dress. "I like to sleep in my underwear and bra, I hope you don't mind. Ed clears his throat, "No I don't mind. I sleep in my underwear as well." He starts taking off everything and I lay down watching him. I laugh at his weirdness, "What?" I shake my head, "Nothing you're just cute." He gets in the bed and asks, "Just cute?"
"No... I think we should talk about it in the morning though." He places his hand on my stomach and keeps going down. "What are you doing?" I ask softly. "You know what I'm doing." He puts his lips on mine and kisses me while putting his hand through my panties. I moan into the kiss and I stop him. "Hey we need to make this into a quickie."
"Why? What's wrong?" Ed asks confused. "There's something I want to check out early in the morning. It would be better if I arrived early." He quickly reaches in his end table and opens a condom. "They we better hurry." He grabs a bottle of lube and squirts some on my pussy. The lube goes down while he puts it away. He slowly enters in me and he was so big that I gasped at his size making me grip the sheets. "You're so big." I moan in his ear while he goes in and out. "No, I want to be in control." I push him over and to ride him. I take his big cock and slowly put it in. He puts his hands on my boobs and I start going hard. Ed moans, "Yeah let me stretch that pussy." He places his hands on my waist and holds me in place. He moves his hips up and down quickly, making the skin slap together. He slaps my ass hard repeatedly, "Yes! Harder Ed!" I yell loudly. Ed grunts going harder on fucking and slapping my ass and I scream, "I'm gonna cum! Fuck!" His face starts to turn red and his legs start to shake. Ed and I cum at the same time releasing a grunt from the both of us. I lay down and try to steady my breath. I close my eyes and fall asleep.

"Morning sleepy." Ed sits next to me with a tray of tea and toast. "Morning." I smile and sit up. "Last night was fun." He says with a smile while drinking his tea. "Yes it was. I think I might want to make this trip a little longer." I say biting into the toast. "Oh really? How long?" I shrug my shoulders, "Maybe a month or two. I could get used to this." "That sounds like someone is staying." He sips his tea, "Well you did offer me to stay here." I lean in and bite my toast.

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