10 haikus of nature

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10 haikus of nature

By Anthony Nixon sandberg

In the morning light

The glistening dew on plants

Looks like a rainbow

A little rabbit

Scurrying across the ground

Looking for breakfast

The birds are chirping

Calling to their families

Ready for hunting

In the heat of noon

Animals look for water

Or a shady place

The fox is stalking

The small scurrying rabbit

Readying to pounce

Shimmering rivers

Running all through the forest

Filled with scaly fish

Twilight is coming

The animals running off

To comfortable holes

The birds are flying

All the way back to their nests

So they can go sleep

The night has fallen

And the daylight has left us

Shadows above us

When midnight has come

The process of life repeats

And life can go on

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