I Will Beat You (Poem For Brynn)

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This is a poem i wrote for this little girl in my hometown who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Before you read the poem, i would like to give you some background info on her.

Brynn Lund was born October 5 1999. She is a bright girl who can always make you feel happy and her sweet smile can light up everyone's day. She was recently diagnosed with Rabdosrcoma( a rare form of mucsle cancer). Her family was quite stricken by this obstacle and her family is feeling great sadness, yet Brynn has been the one who has been telling everybody it will be okay. She is stage 4 of this cancer and it is quite serious.

On October 5 of 2010 (which is her birthday) her family and friends organized a Trim For Brynn, where people came and donated money and had clean, washed hair cut for 10 dollars. This was organized at Barnwell School (the school i go to) and our science teacher, Ms.Forbes, agreed to shave off her head if we raised 15 000 dollars, which we made well over with donations, sponserships, and people coming and getting their hair cut. Brynn's only birthday wish had been to got to the Trim for Brynn with she was inabbled to do so.

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I Will Beat You (For Brynn <3)


You Won't Break Me

I'm Still Fighting

You Can't Beat Me

Even Though I'm Crying

I Will Be Stronger

I'm Not Gonna Let You Control My Life

My Heart Beats Stronger

So I'm Putting Away My Worry and My Strife

I Will Run To The End of the Earth and Back

I Will Survive

I'll Move Forward and Won't Look Back

Becasue I Am Alive

Because I Am Stronger Than You

I Will Not Die

I Will Not Give Up To You

And Thats No Lie

There Will Be Tears

But I'll Search For The Answer

I Will Have Fears

But I Will Beat You Cancer

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