Danniella's POV:

As I was passing Mike's door to go downstairs, I spotted a peculiar looking piece of clothing sticking out from under his bed. Curiosity getting the best of me, I made my way into his room checking to see if he was in here or in his bath room. Luck was on my side as he was nowhere to be found. I smirked. He was going to get so much crap from me for this. I knelt down by his bed and reached for the piece of clothing that had caught my attention. If it was even possible, my smirk widened and I laughed to myself. I left the room with the piece of clothing just in the tips of my fingers and I scrunched my face up in disgust as I thought of how it had gotten in his room. No time for that right now.

"MIKE! WHERE ARE YOU?" I yelled down the stairs trying to hear a reply and figure out where he was at. I got a faint answer from the second floor. He was in the entertainment room, most probably on the X-box. I raced down the stairs with an evil smile on my face that would make any little kid drop their precious lollipop. Making it to the entertainment room in seconds, I saw that he was exactly where I thought he would be, on the X-box.

"I wonder what Mother and Father would think if I showed them just what their prized son gets up to while they're out of the house," I thought to myself making my voice loud enough that Mike would hear me over the game. As I lent against the door frame, Mike jumped about a mile in the air and whipped his head in my direction, his eyes wide. The horror struck look on his face had me cracking up and clutching my sides at the pain it caused me from laughing so hard.

I had just calmed down to see that he had gotten up from the couch and made his way across the room to me. I squeaked and ran from the room, dropping the lace panties, and racing down the stairs to the kitchen, passing a shocked maid cleaning my mess from my cooking episode earlier. I made my way through the kitchen and out the back door into our grand garden escape; I headed straight for the maze, grinning the whole way there. I practically live in this maze, so I know it like the back of my hand. I giggled all the way to the centre knowing that Mike would have trouble finding his way towards me.

I explored my haven as I waited for him to make his way through the maze, I watched as the sun shone brightly over the garden. The sun flowers were a bright yellow, a warm glow compared to the pale white of the daisies surrounding it. There was a range of different colours all spaced around the garden but not one colour was next to the same. Orange was with purple, blue with red, yellow with white and green and pink was blended well with the darker shades of brown flowers. My favourite part of the garden was the cobblestone water fountain right in the centre with a goddess feature.

"It took you long enough," I said, as Mike appeared at the centre entrance with a slightly calmer face on. I knew the fresh air would calm him down. He looked around in wonder; it was as if he hadn't seen this before. "Have you been here before?" I had to know. I couldn't believe that I was the only one that knew about this place. It was impossible to think that, we've lived here for years.

"Not once. To be honest, I didn't even know we had a maze here," he shrugged. I stared at him in shock. Well there goes the idea that someone else knew about this other than me and the obvious Gardner that attends the flowers. I shook my head at him.

"Unbelievable, with the amount of time you spend outside practicing footy or basketball you'd think you'd notice the giant hedges to your left," I wondered out loud to him. All he did was scowl at me. I knew what he was going to say, 'it's not like you do any sport'. I could just see him saying that with his arms crossed. And guess what? That's exactly what he said next.

I just listened and rolled my eyes as he went on and on about how I'm such a goody-goody and he wonders how I'm still so skinny with how lazy I am. I have a fast metabolism, alright? No need to judge. I zoned out pretty much when he started talking, I was brought back to his one-sided conversation (not like he knew that, but anyway,) when he mentioned, his name. I knew they were going to be here soon and that I had to have the house ready for the guests. I sighed. More work for me to do.

"-you should- are you even listening to me?" Oops, busted. I stared wide eyed as he started yelling at me for being so inconsiderate and wasting his time. Well look who's talking. He was wasting mine right now.

"Look, I have a lot of work to do before they get here, so shut up and help me. You can tell the kitchen staff to start dinner soon," I cut through his speech about my behaviour, it's not like I haven't heard it all before, I have, way too many times to remember. I walked away from Mike and headed back inside to get organised for our guests. Bedrooms needed to be set up for each of them, mother and fathers room needed to be dusted and polished for their arrival. The dining room had to be set up for the amount that would be dining with us tonight, and don't get me started on the rest of the house in case the Royals wanted a tour of the house.

Sometimes it sucked being the eldest of us kids. But you get used to the priorities you have for every day. It was hard, but I was capable of getting things done and passing school.

I was dressed according to tonight's events ahead of me and the house was done and organised. Dinner was almost on time and the guests would be here any minute. Speaking of our guests arriving soon, a maid announced the arrival of them at my bedroom door.

Well, here goes.

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