I have now put up a few of my short stories.
If you have any questions about anything and everything, I'm on Facebook, Caitlin-Lee Meers-Lose. I do have another account but it doesn't have the 'Lose' on the end. But this one is my main, so please use this one. If you don't want to find me on Facebook, I'm fine with that and you can leave it or even message me on Wattpad (that's probably the easiest) or there's even my email; caitlinameisha@hotmail.com
Don't take things to heart. Just be yourself.! Caitlin-Lee Meers-Lose xxx <3 C.L.Lose
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Caitlin-LeeMeers-Lose Caitlin-LeeMeers-Lose May 03, 2013 03:04PM
@XxraspberryxX you're welcome. :D
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The Duchess of Denmark or the Princess of Germany..?! (ON HOLD)

Social data: 1.6K reads. 24 votes. 16 comments.

Description: -Dann is a tomboy at Marshell High. Only her twin brother Micheal and Best friend Chris know of her true identity. Dann is a total badass. Always making pranks and joking around. That is until her title is let...


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Life as Me: Ekaterina and Amanda

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List