Step 4: How does He Talk?

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The way he talks around you is also a big hint to whether he likes you or not. If he flirts with you & makes you laugh very often, that could possibly mean he does like you. If you hear some flaws or speech impediments in his voice even though you're 100% sure he doesn't have a speech disorder, then that could greatly hint that he likes you. Here are some speech flaws & impediments to look for:

- stuttering

- taking a long time to say something

- talking in a low tone

- trouble saying things

- rushing through every sentence



- If he doesn't have a speech impediment while talking to you, that doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't like you. That could mean that he's comfortable around you & enjoys talking to you.


- Don't assume that just because he has a speech flaw, that he right away likes you. It's not like that. You never know if it could be a speech disorder that he has.

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