Step 3: How does He Act?

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How does he act? Does he act weird, fun & playful? Is he serious, yet cute, with a pinch of cool? Is he flirtatious with a splash of care & affection? Or is he a mixture of almost everything? However he acts around you can greatly influence whether he likes you or not. Simply depending on how he acts around you can verify if he likes you or not.


- If he treats you like you're garbage & doesn't care for you at all, then it's probably best if you find someone else.

- This rarely happens, but sometimes, a guy can show that he likes a girl by being mean to her. If he does that to you, it could possibly mean he's just thriving for attention. This is known as the "opposites attract" method.


- (referring to TIP 2) Like I said, the "opposites attract" method is rare. If he's being mean to you, 90% of the time means that he's just doing it to bully & hurt you. The remaining 10% could mean he's doing it for attention & that he likes you.

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