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As I ate, I glanced around in despair; the young couple oppisite me had their hands clasped, Louis and Harry were behind the counter sharing Eskimo kisses while giggling and all the other tables were loud and chatty. Oh well at least I have spaghetti..? After a while, the door behind me swung open, causing me to jump as the bell rang. I continued eating, my eyes widening a fraction as zayn approached my table. "Niall." I fumbled with my fingers nerviously, studying his features with intrest to detect his mood. His chestnut eyes were pooled with shock , his eyebrows arched in thought. "niall.." he repeated, as if at loss of what to say. "i.." he trailed off, his eyes searching mine thoughtfully. "I'm sorry. For everything.. I shouldn't of-" "I'm glad you kidnapped me. I love you,zayn." I went to clasp his hand but he pulled away, eyes hooded with fear. "no you don't!" he closed his eyes and shook his head. He takes a deep breath and swallows. "niall." he opens his eyes, his expression softening. "you.. You don't-can't love me. I'm your kidnapper. I kidnapped you, stalked you and hurt you. Don't you see? I've broken the law on several occasions, ni, why dont you just turn me in?" "I love y-" "well you shouldn't." I sighed in defeat "well I do." he shook his head in despair,eyeing me wearily. "plus, you won't get arrested if I don't tell the police you kidnapped me," Head in hands he sighed. "you don't understand ni.." he trailed off, licking his lips. "I've done more then that. I- " he stopped again, glancing around anxiously "tell me, zayn, please?" "not here." I nodded, rolling my eyes as he grabbed my wrist with a firm tanned hand and dragged me out of the restraunt. we got into the all to familiar black Audi with tinted windows, and he turned to me with worried eyes. "I lied, ni. I..I never kidnapped you because I wanted you- well, I did but that's not all. I deal drugs-sell them." he began in a gruff voice "if someone doesn't pay within a month, I take someone close to them, and in another week if I still don't have the money, I k-kill them. I'm a- a murderer!" he began to cry, sniffling and my heart just about broke there. "but.." he sniffed, wiping his now red eyes with his sleeve. "but?"

"but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, to -to kill you" he whimpered,his voice cracking on 'kill you', a fresh wave of tears cascading down his cheeks. I shuffled closer to him, planting a soft kiss on his trembling lips. He looked up at me with sad puppy eyes. "please." he let out a slight hiccup. "please don't leave me." "never."

When we got back to the house

I realized he had missed out one vital part "who bought the drugs?" "hmm. What?" "you kidnapped me because I'm close to someone who had got drugs from you. Who was it?" "oh right. Zac." I nodded, anger boiling in the pit of my stomach. Zac has more then enough money to pay for drugs. Dick.

"you hungry?" zayn asked casually, biting into an Apple. I shook my head "na, I had spaghetti." he nodded. "right.. Um well.. You wanna um watch a er a film?" "zayn, what's wrong?" "nothing!" he exclaimed, feigning innocence. I quirked an eyebrow and he sighed in defeat. "fine.. I just- I feel pissed at myself, for letting Daniel get you again.. He could've killed you, he's not right in the head since..." zayn trailed off, twiddling his thumbs and not making eye contact. "zayn, carry on." I said sternly "now isn't the time.." I nodded in defeat, grabbing his chin gently and bringing his face up to look at him "it's fine, don't worry, I'm here now." he nodded planting a sloppy kiss to my lips. "so how about that movie then?"

I opened my eyes and grinned. I must of fallen asleep during finding nemo (God forbid!!) and when I woke up I was face to face with warm honey eyes. "hey sweetheart." he murmered, kissing my lips softly. "how long was I asleep?" I groaned, yawning. He chuckled, tilting his head to the side "only twenty minutes!" "oh.. I'm so hungry is there anything to eat?" I asked "no i-" "I'll get something from Sainsburys, yeah?" "no. Ni I can't loose you again. Dan's not right.. And-" "look zayn you're gonna have to let me go out alone at some point, you can't keep me cooped up in here forever. I'll be back in ten." I kissed his cheek, opening the front door and rolling my eyes as I heard him mutter darkly "I will if i have to.."

When I got to Sainsburys, I got bread, butter, chrisps, milk eggs m&ms and lemonade (weird choice of food but expect the unexpected I'm fantabulous) and was about to leave (after I'd payed) when I crashed into someone, nearly dropping the bag. "oh what the f-- liam?" "niall? Hey!" I grinned, I hadn't seen Liam in ages and it was worth almost breaking the eggs to see him "hi how's it goin'? " he shrugged "good, good. You?" "I'm good, m'back at zayns. How's tiffany?" at the mention of her name his whole face lit up. Tiffany was his girlfriend of six months "she's good! Oh she's so perfect and kind and adorable and sweet and-" he stopped, realizing he'd been babbling, flushing furiously. "isn't it your birthday tommorow?" shittt he's right.. "yeah.. I completely forgot, what with everything that's been going on." he nodded in understanding, his eyes sympathetic. "do you wanna come over?" I asked and he hesitated "you can bring tiff?" he smiled "ok, I'll call her and see if she's free." I nodded as he pulled his phone out.

He hung up, turning to me. "shes on her way. She's gonna meet us there."

When we got back, Louis and harry were there with zayn who smiled as we walked in. "i invited liam and tiffany over, is that ok?" "yeah of course but where's tiff?" "she's on her way."

When tiffany got there, we watched modern family- best show everrrrrrrrr!!!

After that, tiffany -who had had one too many drinks- squealed "let's go out!" liam quirked an eyebrow "where?" "maybeee a club to celebrateee nialls birthday tommorow!" she slurred "tiff you're drunk sweet heart, I don't think that's a good ide-" "I think that's a great idea tiff, how about a vote?" zayn beamed. In the end we ended up going as liam was the only one who didn't want to go.

"so which club are we going to?" louis asked after a few minutes of walking "the first one we see!" zayn chuckled (I LITERALLY CAN'T THINK OF ANY CLUB NAMES FML) "ooh there's one!" tiffany said, pointing to some steps going downward with 'we can't stop' by miley cyrus playing loudly.

When we walked in, people where either drinking, grinding on eachother or sucking eachothers faces. "ew miley cyrus is on let's go!" zayn said with distaste "no, mileys amazing let's stay!" I protested and he sighed in defeat "ok.."

"so la da de da de we like to partyyyy dancin' with miley , doin' whatever we wannnntt!" I yelled, slightly drunk.

Harry and louis stopped snogging to giggle at me while zayn glared playfully. "erm.. Do you- do you want to.. Dance?" zayn asked nerviously and I practically cooed at his adorable gesture "awe of course!" I said, smiling as -blushing- he dragged me over to the dance floor. The song had changed to bonfire heart by james blunt -not really romantic- so zayn said he was going to ask the DJ for a different song. After bonfire heart, kiss me by ed sheeran and I smiled at zayn, he's so sweet. We began to dance slowly and it was perfect...

As the song began, zayn stared into my eyes and it was like it was just me and him, I didn't want this perfect moment to end


When we got back, everyone had left and it was just me and zayn.. At the club it was so romantic, and it made me realize; we've come such a long way since that day when I woke up tied up, and came face to face with the most beautiful man I've ever layed eyes on. Yes, he has flaws, but to me he's perfectly imperfect, and I wouldn't change him for the world.


"it's your birthday tommorow." he stated casually. "er yeah.."

"actually in... Seven minutes." he grinned pointing at the clock '23:53' "i love you.." he mumbled slowly, in a tired voice, leaning over to connect his lips with mine "I love you too.." I sighed against his warm lips.

That was when the door rang and a manly voice yelled "open up, it's the police!"

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