Something about him

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The sun streamed in through the large windows of our school's cafeteria making the florescent lights that lit the place unnecessary to use. It was lunch time. And just like every other school day the whole school had gathered to restore their energy with some of the nutritious food the school offered. I preferred bringing mine. Turkey slice and cheese croissant. My favorite.

Unlike most of the students who loved hanging out in groups, me and Jackson sat alone. Uh, in seperate tables I mean. His table was across mine. It wasn't because I didn't have friend, it was just because I loved sitting alone to observe people. In Jackson's case, I don't really know.

We never really knew each other, even though we used to go to the same school back in middle school. We never shared classes. I guess that's why we've never talked even though I always wanted to. But it didn't matter. I felt like I knew him very well. Well, maybe it's because of my endless gaze at him.

I've studied him for a long time. I even know the minute I'd see him across the hallway after each class was over. He'd open his locker to get his books for his next class and take a bite of his chocolate and caramel cadbury bar. I even started buying those chocolate bars to understand why Jackson loves them. Now I know why.

There was simply something about him that made me so obsessed with him. I think it's because of the way his hair shimmered when the sunlight struck it. That soft dark brown hair of his that made me desperate just to touch it. And I won't lie, I seriously made many attemps to touch it. Except that I always failed to because he'd always turn his head around and stare at me like as if he knew I was about to touch his hair. I'd just flinch my hand and run away. It was quite embarassing after all.

As I was sitting on my usual table in the cafeteria, I couldn't help but admire the way he concentrated on his homework instead of eating his lunch. He'd place his pen on his lips and stare out the window whenever he tought of the answer. I loved the way his eyes sparkled in the sun, changing it to a lighter shade of brown.

He always did his homework at school like as if he didn't have the time to do them at home. Oh right, I remember. I always see him pass our house carrying a basketball after school. He always plays basketball at the court in our neighbourhood. He had passion for the game.

He suddenly grew tired of thinking of the answer. He dropped his head on the table and closed his eyes, probably dreaming of the day he'd never have to write homeworks again.

A group of girls passed his table, waking him up with their laughter. Their heads turned when they caught Jackson resting his head on the table.

"Hey Jackson." They said in unision, waving at him flirtatiously.

Jackson just smiled at them, which looked more like a smirk to me. They giggled and continued their way to get their trays.

I stared at them blankly and wondered why I couldn't do that. Say 'hi' to him, I mean. Why was it hard for me to do that?

He raised his head and rubbed his face to not feel sleepy again. He rested his head on his palm and looked around the cafeteria until his eyes finally met mine.

I could've sworn I heard my heartbeat through my ears. He was still staring at me, his eyes were half open with a bored expression on his face.

I glanced down at my half eaten sandwich and silently prayed he'd take his eyes off of me. But as I looked up again to see whether he was still staring I saw him walking towards my table carrying his books in his hands.

"Stop staring at me, Maya." Jackson said icily.

Wait a minute. Did he just say my name? He knows my name! HE KNOWS MY NAME!!

But how?

"You know my name?" I asked confused.

He nodded as his lips slowly curved into a smile, something I truly adored about him. "I heard your friend call out your name the other day in the hallway when she tried to catch up with you."

"Oh, really?" I laughed nervously as I tucked a strand of brown hair behind my ear.

Jackson nodded, his lips still smiling. "So, do you mind if I sit next to you?"

"No, not at all." I grinned.

I never imagined this day would come. Me sitting with my longtime crush. We talked and talked like as if we knew each other for a long time.

There was something about him that I really liked. Or maybe it's just that I liked everything about him.


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