The fun has begun

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I didn't want to stop but I moved away from Alex ." what's wrong baby ? Don't you like it ? " he asked

" Um yes . But we need to get on with the project. " He gave me a kind smile , but his eyes were full of lust ." Sure . Just come up to my  room ..." He took my hand and took me to his room .

He kissed me . I kissed him back . He pulled me on his bed so I was straddling him . He started taking off my top , at the same time he was kissing my neck . I gave a soft moan . I felt my bra un-hook , " They call you Angelica for a reason . Your so sexy . I bet you wanna see the rest of me ?"

I nodded and to my delight he took off his top , showing his hunky chest and he licked my nipples ." Uhh ... do more to me."

Alex then whipped of his jeans and boxers . His member was quite big , which scared me ."Don't worry , I won't hurt you . I'll go slow on you . We ARE doing the project after all.

He took off my underwear and entered me . In and out in and out . " Faster."

Alex's POV


I went faster for her the she started moaning and her breath got heavier." Just make more noise for daddy."

"Ahh. Ohhhh. Uhhh . Daddy looks good .Will daddy taste me ?" she asked in a sexy voice .

"But of course ." I very slowly came out of her , making her cum and moan .  I kissed her belly button , stuck out my tounge and licked her all the way down to her pussy . Mmmm she tastes so good . I stuck my tounge in her and made the in and out motion .

" Ahh . Do I taste ... good ?" She sounded breathless."Like heaven. I want you to taste me ..." I pushed her to the wall and put my member in her mouth .

Angelica's  POV


I have never tasted anything so creamy before . He stopped moved away and kissed me ." Are you happy with the example of reproduction ?"

"Yes . Could we do this experiment sometime ?"

"Anything for you ."

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