Hanggang du'n lang ba ang relasyon namin..?

Is that the only way that he will treat me.?

Hindi ko alam kung kailan ito nag-start.

But I wish...

Just wish that this abnormal feeling and beating of my heart will stop!

How can I love someone who just sees me as his TWIN SISTER or as his BESTFRIEND.?

How can I love someone who loves SOMEONE ELSE??

I need answers to my questions

I need solutions to my problems

I need cure to my broken heart.

But what if...

I don't get anything from what I want instead I get everything I needed.

Can it mend my broken heart?

Can love give me strength to continue living! continue loving a person I'm not supposed to fall with???...


Bestfriend ko sya since birth.

She's a girl and yes I'm a boy..

Halos ipagpalit na nga daw ang mga pagmumukha namin eh.!

Tapos KAMBAL pa ang tawagan namin...

Pero sabi ng iba,malay ba daw namin baka meant for each other daw kami..

Ang sagot namin.." Imposible..Kambal ko nga to' tapos meant to be kami!!?"

Pero pwede nga bang humigit pa sa MAG-KAIBIGAN ang turingan ng dalawang taong lumaki bilang magkapatid?

Pwede nga ba??

Meant to be nga ba?..


She loves him...

He loves her....

But they both didn't know.

How can love make it's way through their hearts?


Everytime they're going to be happy a new problem awaits them..

How can they still hold on?


The only thing bringing them together is also  thing why one of then will fall.

This is the story on how two hearts beat as one.

This is the story that will teach you how love csn conquer everything even life and death.

Are you ready?

Will you dare fall in love with this story?

'coz if your'e answer is YES!...

Then the journey towards love starts here...

Bestfriend turned to strangersBasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!