Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Bobbie Wright I:




No way." Ebony says, continuing to walk leisurely towards the Schooling Building, we're already forty minutes late.

Yeah, it took me a while to track her down.

"Oh, c'mon, it'll be good to talk about it, as the four of us! You've got to admit, you yourself got pretty creeped out?" I prompt, trying to catch up to her, my short legs no match for hers.

Suddenly she comes to a stop and looks me directly in the eye.

"Listen, Bonnie-"


"Whatever, either way there is no chance I'm joining up with you guys to talk about this goddamn murder and try and figure out what we're going to do about it. This isn't a movie, we're not, like, bff's, and I refuse to start hanging around with you guys like we're the goddamn power puff girls!" She exclaims.

I'm quiet for a moment.

"There were only three power puff girls."

Ebony gives me a sickly sweet smile.

"Exactly. So count me out of the Big Reunion!" She says in fake cheerfulness, and starts walking again.

With a huff, I follow after her.

"Please, we just really need to figure this out!" I plead with her.

"I don't need to figure anything out." Ebony grumbles.

I don't quit following her, I'm already late enough to get in trouble, so I might as well make it worth the effort.

Ebony walks confidently towards the workshop department and I panic, theres a lot of people in that class and I'm guessing it will be pretty hard to try and convince Ebony to meet up with us tonight if I have her workshop teacher screaming at me to get out.

Suddenly, as we're walking and I'm still trying to convince her, something rock solid comes in contact with my shoulder and I fall to the ground from the impact.

My head hits the ground with a thump when I fall and then I just lie cradling my head in pain, trying not to start sobbing.

Breath through the pain, Bobbie. Think random and happy thoughts. Can cows jump? How big are kangaroo's pouches? Why is the skin on your elbow called the weines? Can elephant seals smile?

It's not working!

I open my eyes and it takes them a moment to focus, but when they do I see Ebony crouching next to me, concern in her eyes.

Then she turns her head to look away from me, her expression morphing into anger.

"What the hell are you doing?!" She yells.

I look at thing, or more like person, that had hit me. There is no way any normal person's shoulder should be that hard.

It was like walking into brick wall that was being guarded by Chuck Norris, ouch.

Looking down at me, with no expression on his face, is that guy with his band of crazy buddies.

I gulp. He seriously creeps me out.

Ebony looks back down at me, worriedly.

"Are you okay?" She places a hand against my head as though checking for a temperature, I have no idea why. "Bonnie?"

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