Too Good to be True

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After half an hour, the boys pushed open the door of the girls' cabin and walked in. Nobody spoke, they just acknowledged the fact that everyone was okay and not harmed as badly as could been possible.

"I always hated that guy," Jason said, breaking the silence. Everyone laughed. Mitchie felt good laughing. It took away one layer of anxiety...or was it fear?

"So now that you're not tied onto a contract," Caitlyn said. "Are you staying at Camp Rock all year?"

Mitchie sat up, looking at Shane who exchanged grins with his brothers and then nodded. Everyone cheered and Shane pulled Mitchie into a hug.

"You didn't have to do that for me," Mitchie whispered. Shane shook his head. "Yeah I did. Mitchie, I've only ever spent two summers with you. It's time I spent more."

And for the first time in over a year, he bent down and kissed her.

Nate had never said it but he had never been more thankful of anyone in his life more than Mitchie. Before he'd met her, Shane had been arrogant, selfish and annoying. Then, that one summer with Mitchie had changed everything. The year that followed he spoke non-stop about her and Nate guessed that Mitchie did the same about him. The next summer, though they hardly spent any time together, had brought them closer than anyone could've ever imagined. During the bonfire, Brown started to have suspicions about something happening just before Mitchie and Shane came over because he swore they had never held hands in public before. A kiss, perhaps...? Nate knew what had happened. He'd just been jamming out on the guitar with Jason when his sight just drifted to the cabins. He saw Mitchie and Shane kissing. He smiled and then looked away, pretending he'd never seen anything. That year that followed, Shane annoyed Nate and Jason more than ever, going into daydreams about his girlfriend during practice until he decided to put his thoughts about her into songs. He'd also helped Nate through the difficult time of deciding which girl he wanted to be with: Dana or Caitlyn. Jason had helped too but he was pretty busy with his birdhouses. (!)

Nate knew Shane liked Mitchie but now that he spent more time with the couple as a friend, he knew that their relationship was more than just some summer crush. They'd lasted through two years of hardly talking and that meant something.

"Yo. Daydreamer."

Nate blinked and saw Caitlyn grinning at him. "Come on, stupid. We've got classes to teach."

"Oh. Right. Yeah."

Caitlyn rolled her eyes and pulled him up to their classroom.

Shane still had a prominent cut on his lip and the story was all around camp by the next day. Stares followed the gang everywhere they went but Shane, Nate and Jason were more than used to it.

"Um...guys," Peggy said during Junior Camp classes one day. "Can we ask you something?"

"Sure," Nate said. "What's up?"

"What's with your parents? Like who are they, where are they, etc.?"

Jason opened his mouth but Nate got there first. "Mom really cares about us and so does Dad but they both split up years ago. Our step parents (both our parents got remarried) only care about making money out of us."

"Ouch," Mitchie whistled. She raised her voice to the campers. "Okay, guys, start packing up the instruments, kay? Lunch is in ten minutes."

"Aw...but we're just getting verse three right!" Frankie whined.

"You can carry on tomorrow," Tess said. "Start packing up."

"Can we do it during lunch time?" Frankie begged.