The Eerie Case of Hong Kong's 'Hello Kitty Murder'

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In May 1999, a 13-year-old girl in Hong Kong went to police to complain that a woman her boyfriend helped murder was haunting her. She described to police a 23-year-old woman being tortured mercilessly while she was , unable to escape.

After some convincing, police searched a third-floor flat on Granville Road 31, which turned up some chilling evidence – namely, a large Hello Kitty doll stuffed with a woman's head.

The victim of this heinous crime was a 23-year-old nightclub hostess named Fan Man-yee, who was abducted after she allegedly failed to repay a HKD20,000 debt. Fan had been missing for roughly a year.

When the story hit the press, it horrified Hong Kong residents and earned the strange (but appropriate) title 'The Hello Kitty Murder.'

In the months following the murder, images of a shadowy female form, lurking near the Granville Road 31 apartment, were captured on various CCTV cameras from nearby buildings. 

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