Midnight Bus (China)

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As the legend goes, a driver, conductor, and four passengers (a young couple, an old woman, and a young man) were riding on bus 375 at midnight. During the ride, bus picked up two men who were holding a third man up by his shoulders. They took a seat at the back of the bus and sat there in silence.

The old woman was immediately disturbed by the three men and kept looking back at them. After a few stops, the young couple got off leaving the driver, the conductor, the young man, the old woman and three new passengers on the bus. The old woman suddenly jumped up and began yelling at the young man, accusing him of wanting to steal her purse. The young man, confused, began arguing back. Their exchange became so heated that old woman demanded that the bus pull over so that she could take the young man to the police. The driver obliged and pulled over so the young man and old woman could depart.

Once outside, the old woman apologized and explained that she was certain that two of the three men who had gotten on the bus were ghosts and that they were about to do something horrible to the bus. Sure enough, the next morning the bus was found submerged in a reservoir. Inside the bus, they found the decomposed bodies of the driver, the conductor, and an unidentified man.

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