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"I didn't believe it when they said you were coming."

Lizzie rolled her eyes at this. Of course he believed it, if anything it was Lizzie who was sceptical. He was as giddy as a kid at Christmas. Slowly everyone put their guns down as Marlow began to talk again.

"I spent all night, thinking about how me and Li- How I dreamed of this moment." Marlow almost dropped Lizzie's name but after knowing her for 11 years he knew she wouldn't want to be introduced right away. He thought it was because she was shy but in reality she had major trust issues.

Marlow spotted Lizzie in the trees but looked away quickly, not wanting to draw attention to her hiding place. However, Conrad saw this and gazed into the trees, watching as they shook from Lizzie scrambling not to be seen. His suspicious glare was taken away from the trees as Marlow kept rambling.

"You are more beautiful that a hot dog and a beer at Wrigley field, on opening day." Marlow stared longingly at his hands, "But you're real... Right?" They all stared at him like he was insane, and frankly he was. 28 years on a deadly island will do that to a person.

Conrad was still silent, far away in his own thoughts. Thinking about his presumed dead best friend that he saw a few hours ago. It made sense, she went to an uncharted island and 'died' from unknown circumstances. Could those unknown circumstances have been Kong? Or something else on the island? He had to know the answers so when Marlow was leading them to the village he rushed to Marlow's side and brought up the many questions he was dying to have answers.

"Earlier on you nearly said someone else's name. Is there someone else on the island?"

Marlow chuckled nervously. He knew that Conrad had seen or heard something in the trees. Maybe even saw Lizzie herself. Only a tracker could have that kind of sight and hearing.

"Hehe... what makes you say that?" Marlow knew that he would eventually spill, and was beginning to ask himself why be bothered. She would show up eventually. Conrad knew this too, and all it took was a look for Marlow to cave.

"Oh well, if the jig is up. There's another person here on the island. Besides the villagers. She landed about 11, nearly 12, years ago. Parents did the exact same thing your doing, be the first to discover the only uncharted island left in the world. Didn't go so well for them just like it ain't going to well for you. She was the only survivor, everyone else died within the first week."

Conrad sat silently as he listen to Marlow go on about the mystery girl.

"She made herself a house outside the walls of the village. A real warrior that one is, didn't accept help except when she desperately needed it. She knows the island better than anyone, and the Iwis have been here for thousands of years. She's studied the animals and their sounds, so she knows what's around her and how many. Amazing at hiding too, she'll never be found if she doesn't want to be."

That fit the description of Lizzie perfectly; amazing at hiding, quick learner, survivor.

"Was she in the trees earlier?"

"Damn, she's gonna be mad at me for this... Yes, she was in the trees, probably been following you since you all got here. Now, for getting off this island. I was thinking we coul-"

Conrad tuned him out at that point. So he wasn't imagining it, someone pulled him out of the wreckage and it was highly likely that someone was Lizzie. The timing was perfect and the description fit too. But Conrad refused to believe it until he saw her.

Mason was at the back of the group, snapping pictures as she went. She had noticed that Conrad had been very out of it lately, always stuck in his head. She had seen his suspicious expression in the ruins and his curiosity towards the trees. He had better ears than the entire group therefore, he probably heard something they didn't.

"So, Captain. Why so curious about this mysterious woman." She had been listening in to the conversation and saw is dumbstruck look after Marlow kept walking. She had concluded that it was possible that the mysterious woman had pulled them out of the burning helicopter.

"I knew her."


"Or I think I did... 11 years ago my best friend went missing whilst on a trip to a uncharted island. According to Marlow, a young woman arrived here 11 years ago on an expedition with her parents. It could be a coincidence, albeit a very cruel one. But the timing just fits too well."

Mason was dumbfounded. She didn't think it would be something this big, just a case of 'hey you saved my life' instead of a 'hey you saved my life... and your my best friend... who went missing... and was presumed dead... for eleven years! Lets have a cuppa tea...'


Lizzie sat in her hut trying her hardest not to think about James. So instead she thought of what she'd say to the people who thought dropping a bomb on her home was a good idea. And boy oh boy that scenario wouldn't go down well.

She sat on the deck and wondered what life at home would be like. It was unlikely she would get off the island but the possibility was still there. After all, she did hear James talking about an exit window. Exit window means a chance at escape right.

A shout from below stop her train of thought and brought her to reality.

"Hey Lizzie! Get down here we need help with the boat!"

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