Meeting the Rfa

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Jumin walks out and then
walks in with a bunch of guys and Jaehee

"Sis stop being angry with dad and get over here please."

You roll your eyes then get up and walk over

"Anyways Rfa meet my sister y/n, y/n meet the Rfa and zen don't flirt with her."

"Why would I flirt with a trust fund kid."

You clear your throat

"Well zen I really hope you don't get the wrong idea not all trust fund kids are snobby and stuck up like come on I love playing video games."

Zen looked at you shocked

"Wow from rich kid to normal." A guy with red hair says

"Look ever since I was little I was taught to be polite at all times, but I can have hobbies, and gaming is fun to do."

"And why don't you act like that now?"

You just change the subject

"Anyways I'm tired."

"Y/n meet them."

"Ok." You say knowing jumin won't let you leave

"Anyways I'm Luciel but you can call me seven."

"Nice to meet ya."

"Well you know my name I'm zen I'm an actor and everyone's dream man."

"Yeah no maybe in your dreams but not mine." You say and zen looked shocked

"Hey Yoosung stop hiding and meet Jumins sister." Seven says

You didn't think much of it a lot of people had the name Yoosung he couldn't be your ex right?

"Why are you just shaking your head come on don't be rude." Seven says

"Look Yoosung we don't understand hand gestures but usually your excited to meet new people." Zen says

Jumin walks over to you

"Look sis once we figure out what's wrong with yoosung we'll talk more but go unpack ok?"

You nod


You skip to your room and just start to unpack

|Yoosungs pov|

Everyone was asking me what was wrong and since y/n wasn't in the room I decided to just spill

"Look people y/n Han is my ex."

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