An alternative fan-fiction. { Oli ~ Chris ~ Kellin ~ Andy }


Note: I have changed the character's locations, so I do understand that not all the characters actually live in the state I placed them in, sorry. (Expect ft.Wayne, Indiana for Jordan; and Joplin, Missouri, for Chris; ages changed as well.) - " Is it simple enough for you? Does everybody understand? Get it, Get it, Get it? You just don't get it! " - This wasn't meant to happen to me. But the events unfolded anyways, I'm not going to complain about it though, as it has given me the opportunity to learn from the regretful mistakes, to experience a moment with others who have their stories hidden behind their masks, for you to put an effort into to reveal. I'm grateful for all these memories, as the message will not be forgotten, and abandoned; the message may be backwards to you in that moment but it's always created to be played forward, I suppose my life is a complicated backmask. 

~ Prologue ~  

{ Siren's POV }

~ Second grade ~

I stood limply leaning against the window, my concentration fixated on the busy environment eventing outside.

I listened to the hushed murmurs of my parents, then my mother groaning in irritation . "Honey, lighten up. We don't want you to be separated from your friends, but we have no further decision." My mother mumbled so fluently, as if she revised the statement in her mind repeatedly.

I exhaled, not ripping my gaze off the hired movers who were lugging my black and white checkered recliner onto the Uhaul truck, using the rail for support.

"Siren, if you continue to neglect your mother, I'll -" He began to say before I cut him off, "Save it." I sneered through clenched teeth, bitingly stern though I was on the verge of tears and lacking confidence. My father shook off my ignorant comment, as he stood in silence his hands folded across his chest, scowling at my attitude.

"At least smile darling, we don't want you to feel forced to do this. You'll adore the new environment, it's safer and I've heard the school has lovely reviews." She said soothingly, still attempting to make me forget about all the wonderful people I've been fortunate enough to be in acquaintance with, and all my past memories.

"Whatever - if you makes you quit bothering me." I muttered under my breath while gesturing to the pressured grin on my emotionless face for several seconds before shifting back towards the window. I watched as the workers sealed the door that trapped the boxes inside shut, then as my father walked outside exchanging the money for their efforts.

I glared at the movers as they climbed into their rusty faded red convertible and sped off, as they got further in distance I lost sight of them. I choked back tears as I aware myself that I would not be returning to this cozy suburban house, leaving behind my friends, and the memorizes they supplied me with. "Honey it's time to go, grab your Dollie, and let's head out, your riding with us while your dad meets us with the Uhaul truck." She demanded, gesturing towards the front door, a gleam of guilt in her eyes, I could tell she didn't want me to leave our house behind.

I climbed into the car taking the closest passenger seat, my older brother Jordan scooting to the seat beside me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder, and whispered gingerly into my ear, "It's okay Siren, we'll make it through this together, don't you worry." I gently rested my head on his shoulder and softly nibbled on my lip, "I hope your right, thanks Jordan," before I drifted into sleep. . . . I felt constant stings at my sides, I inferred it was Jordan's attempt to waking me up. I blinked my eyes repeatdly, adjusting to the surroundings. The road was blearily from the tears collecting in my eyes. "What do you want Jordan?" I questioned while rubbing frantically at my eyes, aggravation obviously displayed in my voice. "Well - I was going to ask why you were sobbing, also we're here. We passed three boys in the neighbor's backyard, you might like them, they looked about our age."

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