The Start Of Something Awful

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-A few weeks later-

(Rebel's P.O.V)

I ducked and dodged every hit that was directed towards me. I then launched a counter-attack towards my opponent. They weren't fast enough to dodge all of my hits. One of my scythes managed to hit them and they went flying towards the wall. I grimaced as they slammed against the concrete wall, gently sliding down to the bottom. I held my hand out and helped them up. They nodded their thanks and went off to train with another person.I watched them go and a smile barely graced my face as I observed the three other meisters. I had just been fighting with Jasmine and her chain sword, Hazel.  I looked over to where Zack and his scythe Kiki were at; they were battling Hera and her whip sword Kyle. Zack was the youngest of us all but don't let that fool you. He is an extremely powerful meister; he is able to match soul wavelengths with nearly every weapon.Hera wiped a drop of sweat off her brow and continued to attack. She had amazing stamina and could perceive souls from a mind boggling distance of 100 miles away and Kyle was pretty amazing too; apparently he can change weapon forms but it's limited to only a few weapon choices. I moved my head and found Jasmine and Hazel again. They were an extraordinary pair, but no one really knew what they could do. They displayed immense power but they didn't have one real particular skill area that they stood out in. They were oddly paired in my opinion; Jasmine had a punk/goth look to her, while Hazel looked like one of those people that always were smiling or laughing. I looked down at myself and frowned. I wasn't wearing one of my symmetrical shirts; nor was I wearing both my chains. I excused myself and quickly fixed the chain issue, but I didn't want to waste one of my shirts on such sad matter that could be easily ignored, so I sucked it up and went back in just in time to see the director walk in. Everyone stopped what they were doing and bowed respectively. I felt a wave of worry and tiredness just flow from the director. She looked distressed by something. She cleared her throat and spoke,"My student's, I know this visit is unexpected but I have some troubling news. Apparently one of my old foes has risen again. Death or the Grim Reaper is causing trouble for several of my ally's and I. We had thought he had been killed but apparently we were wrong. His power and influence has grown immensely over the years and we need to put a stop to it. Now I know what you are thinking, if he is so dangerous then why haven't we gone after him before? Well, because we weren't sure where he had been; plus we didn't have any legit reason to attack him yet. Well, now we do. He is maniplulating children and weapons; he also forced one of his "students" to destroy one of our most powerful allies. He needs to be stopped; but I can't risk any of my regular students to go up against a shinigami. That is why I'm sending you four. Your job will be to get inside his death room at all costs. I will guide you through what to do from there. I will let you grab your stuff, then I will brief you all one by one, on your personal missions and then you will  head to Death City." And with that she strode out of the room. Silence followed until Zack broke it,"Well, we should probably get ready then." We all nodded and headed to our rooms to pack our stuff. This was going to be exciting.

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