Chapter Five: October Fae's Courage

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It was already a mess when we finally arrived, Axel had already started directing our kids on how to help the Venger's, while I sat and took the situation in. I was somewhat amazed by the size that they had grown to, the number of people helping with the water was a large number. I had no idea that The Vengers had grown to be so big. Something I never would have thought would happen the last time I saw them.

"Fae..." I spun around and quickly glared at the owner of the voice, finding myself face to face with Jason.

"You have no right to call me that." I said with crossed arms, ignoring everyone that seemed to be staring at us.

"October." I gave a soft nod, allowing him to continue. "Why are you helping me? What are you wanting from this?" I felt his own hard gaze as if accusing me of some diabolical plan.

"I'm not helping you. I'm helping these kids that are in need. I'm not just going to sit by and let them lose their home. I'm going to try and save it no matter if you live there too." I pushed him aside, finding Axel right away, completely ignoring the sharp stare I felt behind me.

"October...." I caught the look in his eyes, causing my heart to stammer at his next words.

"What is it?" I breathed.

"There's no possible way for us to dose this fire with our little man power. The only good news is... that I hear thunder a ways away. If we can try and control the fire and wait for the rain-"

"No!" the loud scream caught both me and Axel off guard, turning our attention to the large mansion, which had suddenly frown brighter and hotter.

"Everyone! Quick! Help the little ones! Do a head count if possible!" the leader in me quickly took over, directing those that weren't panicking, not even caring if they were one of mine or not. All I was focused on was to make sure everyone was out of the burning mansion.

As I rushed to the entrance, directoring those that were running out coughing to a safer place I felt the heat consume the air, my back burning as if it, too, had caught fire.

"October, get away! Everyone's out now-" I glanced over to find Axel looking at me, panic in his eyes, but at the same time, my attention was brought to another sound. The sound of a name being called frantically.

"Ash! Ash!" I found Jason in the crowd, eyes wide in panic as he searched through the kids, trying to find Bow. I recognized the name as his right hand, a girl that was somewhat like me in a few ways as I had seen from our brief in counters. "Where the hell are you! Ash!"

My gut started to clench,  a sign that something bad was about to happen. I truly hated it when my stomach started up, so I quickly glanced from face to face as the name continued to ring in my head. Not here... Not there... Shit!

 "October!" My name was the last thing I heard as I ran into the mansion, flames engulfing the entire building by then.

My eyes were burning, my nostrils filled with smoke before I even had the chance to cover my mouth and nose. I could feel the water in me evaporate as I ran through the rooms, avoiding the flames that licked at my heels. I wished to yell out, but it was impossible. All that was soon in front of me was thick smoke. I was about to turn back when I heard a faint scratching just a few doors away from where I was. I took no time as I ran and opened the door, to find some little furry thing running over to a collapsed body near the bed.

I quickly reconginized the pale face as I ran to the girl's side, placing her arm over my shoulder, dragging her from the bedside. I glanced once more around the room, finding the furry thing trailing behind. I had a weak spot for animals and this one wasn't any exception as I leaned down, allowing the animal to climb up and onto my other shoulder.

Without another moment of hesitation I ran back the way I came avoiding the flames the best I could. Sadly, my luck ran out as I found the front door engulfed in red hot flames. As I glanced around, I knew there was no other way to go. With a few small breathes, I braced myself, running straight through the fire.

As the night air blew into my face I knew we were safe, but that also caused the burning sensation on my legs and arms to appear.

"Ash! Ash!" I had already handed the girl off to some other kids that seemed like they knew what they were doing. I then moved back allowing the girls to work on her, making sure she was alright. Which was when I saw Jason running to her side, his eyes in panic as he took her form in. I had never seen Jason in an uncalm manner, never.

"She's alright!" I heard one of the girls say as Ash began to cough. "Get her some water!" With that, I quickly slithered back, glad that she was somewhat fine; enough to live at least. Just as I had found a car to sink on to the ground behind, a few sprinkles fell from the sky. Not long after that, a hard rain poured, taking out the fire that a spread a few buildings.

"October? What are you doing..." I glared up at the familiar voice, catching the wide eyes of Axel.

"Don't say anything." I growled covering the burns the best I could. "Find Jason and tell him that his kids... and him, are welcome over at our place." Without another word I turned back around, giving him no choice but to obey. I waited patiently for his reseeding footsteps.

Once I knew he was gone, I slowly stood up, using the car that was my hiding spot as support, ready to head back out before anyone else could say anything. I knew the moment I reached our home that I would collaspe on the bed, body ready to be out out of its misery. Just the thought was enough for the pain to numb as I limped my way back home.

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