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Brenda's POV

He finally said the words that I've been longing to hear. What could I possibly answer? Yes? No? Maybe? Why? 

I mean we can't be together! I don't want to risk our friendship... Me saying "Yes" might be just the reason why our friendship could be broken, but come to think of it, if I say "No", he might take it the wrong way and build some hate in his heart over me, now that totally ruins everything! What do I do? 

CeeJay played with my fingers as I was thinking about all those thoughts.


I looked up to him and we locked eyes. How could I possibly say 'No" to this kid? I love him and I always will... I just wish that he won't break my heart.

CeeJay's POV

"I'd love to."

This lump in my throat started to form and I didn't know what to say after hearing those words come out from her. This girl is my girlfriend now! The girl that has been there my whole life is now mine, and only mine! 

Those smiles on her face just makes my day... I cupped her cheeks with my hands and kissed it. She has the most kissable cheeks!

"I love you" I whispered.

She looked at me with her worried eyes. Is she hesitating to say it back? What does that mean? That she doesn't love me back? This couldn't be right! All my buddies say that if a girl hesitates to say it back, it means that she -

"I love you too." Brenda answered.

As I was saying, it means that she probably doesn't love you back. I looked at her, but she turned away and said, "I think we should help them out." She smiled then stood up, grabbing arms; I followed.

A couple of minutes passed and we were ready to eat. I was actually starving. The scent of the lasagna and fresh bread really makes my stomach grumble. We all took our seat and shockingly, Brenda took the one next to her sister Bea instead of taking the seat right beside me. Is she really avoiding me now? She's my girlfriend for pete's sake! Is this really how relationships work? 

"Umm, aren't you gonna sit next to me?" I blurted out.

Everyone looked confused for a bit. Then there was silence, no one made a move. I locked my eyes on Brenda waiting for her to get her butt on the chair next to me, but she didn't.

"I'll sit with you bro." Andrew butted in.

What the hell? No! He's not gonna sit next to me! Anger started to  come over me, and I was afraid that I might not control myself...

"What?! No! What the hell is wrong with you Brenda? All I've asked for is for you to come sit with me now that I'm clearly your boyfriend! Is that too much to ask for? Fuck!" I snapped. Shit. I snapped at her... 

After saying those words, I honestly felt stupid. Bea looked shocked and so did Andrew. Brenda on the other hand had no expressions on her face. Is she really putting me up to this?

I walked out grabbing my keys from the counter I headed for the door. I heard Andrew call me, but i didn't stop. I just wanted to get some fresh air and clear my mind... Everything was just bringing this weird pain in me and I hate it. I never encountered this emotion before, other than now.

Bea's POV

Okay, so everything was going fine; Andrew and I prepared dinner then Brenda and CeeJay came along to help us... We were actually ready to eat, but then CeeJay just blew up. He just snapped out of nowhere! I've never seen him that mad before. Wait, he wasn't actually mad. More like hurt. 

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