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Bea's POV

"You guys should stay for dinner." Mrs. Garret softly while looking at Brenda. 

CeeJay, Andrew, and Brenda exchanged looks , including me. I guess staying a little longer won't be so bad... It will give me a chance to tell if there was actually something going on between my sister and CeeJay. 

"Sure." Brenda whispered into Mrs. Garret's ears.

Wait a minute. This guy has been looking at me for quite so long now. What was his name again? Andrew? Yeah, that was it. Andrew. He has nice eyes though. Very captivating. CeeJay never really brought up that he has brother... It's really the first time that I've seen him. He looks very irritated right now. Irritated at me? Why though?

I looked at him this time, catching him staring at me, we locked eyes. He looked so handsome! No wonder he was Ceejay's brother... 

He looked away a few seconds after our eyes meeting. I chuckled a bit which made him turn his gaze on me, again. His lips curled into a smile, which also brought a smile on my face. I looked down immediately before he could see me blush. Good thing CeeJay called him.

"Hey Andrew, why don't you take Bea down stairs to keep her company? She looks like she's been tired of standing and in need of someone to talk to." He said with laughter.

I gave him a mean look, but he returned it with a smirk. Why in the world would he say that? I looked at Brenda to see how she reacted to what CeeJay just said. She was covering her mouth from silently laughing! Do I really look that stupid right now? Ugh!

"Okay." Andrew replied while looking at me with his cute smile.

I followed him down the stairs with out saying anything.

Andrew's POV

Alright, nice move by Mom. Their staying for dinner! I can't wait to stare at her while she eats. What the heck? That would be weird! Damn, this girl got me good...

I've bee looking at her for the past 30 minutes. She's been standing there not doing anything. I bet she's tired. Then there it was. She looked at me. She probably noticed that I've been looking at her for so long now. Our eyes met. She has the most amazing eyes I've ever seen. She looks gorgeous! I looked away though. I was shy, but then I heard her chuckle, which made me look at her in surprise, but when I saw her face I couldn't keep myself from smiling. She smiled back. This is a good start I thought, but then CeeJay, my loving brother had to end it.

"Hey Andrew, why don't you take Bea down stairs to keep her company? She looks like she's been tired of standing and in need of someone to talk to." He said.

That was pretty funny, because that was how exactly she looked like, but Bea didn't quite like what CeeJay just said because she gave him a mean look, CeeJay just smiled though. 

"Okay." I said. I guess it's fine because I could talk to her alone. I could get to know her more since I think I'm already falling for her...

I headed down the stairs and I could tell she was following me. She was pretty quiet so I wanted to start a conversation. Her voice is just so cute I wanted to hear it so bad...

Brenda's POV

Staying until dinner wasn't really one of my plans, but I just couldn't say no to Mrs.Garret. She has the most persuasive looks on her face that you just can't turn down. Especially those sparkling blue eyes! Anyways , I've spent most of the time talking to Mrs. Garret because I kind of feel weird talking to CeeJay in front of Bea and Andrew, good thing CeeJay made the move to make them both leave.

Wait. I actually noticed something though. Andrew hasn't taken his eyes off of Bea the whole entire time! He probably likes her... I mean , they would look so cute together! Their both not that tall, and they both have really cute smiles. I bet Andrew is thanking CeeJay in his head right now for making him spend time with Bea.

As soon as the two left, CeeJay turned to me and gave me a shy smile. I smiled back at him and stood up. I came up to him and gave him a hug. He hugged me back. I missed him so much! He chuckled a bit and took a step back. He cupped my chin with his warm hands and kissed me on my cheek. I could feel my cheeks heating up. He was so sweet! This guy is just making my life the best...

Mrs. Garret coughed which made the two us stumble a bit. I totally forgot that she was there. This was so awkward now! CeeJay's mom just saw us have our little sweet act. CeeJay laughed and walked over to his mom and whispered something to her that made Mrs. Garret smile. Did CeeJay tell her that I was his girlfriend ? Wait. Am I his girlfriend?

I mean I seriously don't know! We still haven't talked about it... A week ago, all that happened is that  he told me that he has feelings for me. I couldn't lie anymore so, I told him how I felt too. That was it. He didn't really ask me if I could be his girlfriend. So, what does that make us? Still friends? We have been friends since we were little and I never imagined us being a couple, but I do love this guy! It's great that he loves me too, but come to think of it, I can't risk our friendship for a relationship that we're not even sure if it's going to last... That just means that we can't be together. Our life would be so much easier if we were just friends. Right ?

I was having all these thoughts that I didn't even notice that CeeJay was calling me. "Yeah?" I finally answered.

He laughed and asked, "Are you alright?"

"Of course." I said while I took a seat beside Mrs. Garret's bed. I smiled at her and whispered, "I'm gonna be downstairs, if you need anything just call me."

She nodded with a smile. I hugged her and took of. I didn't really want to be alone with CeeJay right now.

Bea's POV

'So, are you sophomore?" Andrew said as we sat down on the couch.

I nodded and asked, "How 'bout you?'

"Well, yeah. I was a freshman in Canada, but now I'm gonna be studying here, maybe until senior year. "

Oh. So, that's why I haven't heard anything about him! It's because he's in Canada... I think it's great that he'll be spending his time with his mom over the summer, and I guess we might go to the same school together...

"That's cool. I guess I can help you out a bit with everything in high school and all." I said, and I actually meant that...

He smiled at me shyly and locked eyes. Okay, his eyes are adorable! I feel like I'm melting every time he looks at me... Is that bad?  So, okay it's like we're having a staring contest here! It feels so awkward. Especially Brenda seeing us staring at each other! Ugh! It probably looked weird because we were actually kinda close to each other. It probably looked like we were about to kiss or something...

Andrew was the first one to look away and turn his gaze on Brenda. She was just standing at the bottom of the stares smiling like a wacko, I thought.

"You guys are so cute!" She blurted out.

What the hell ???


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