The Question

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Brenda's POV

My sister looked at me with her eyes as big as can be. I mean, what did I do wrong? All I said was the truth! They looked so cute staring at each other like that! They would make such a cute couple. 

"Oh my gosh, what the heck is wrong with you?" Bea said trying not to shout, but it still came out kinda loud. 

I laughed before I could answer and looked at Andrew who was bushing! Aweee! He looked so cute blushing like a little boy because of my little sister... I love them already!

"What? You guys looked cute!" 

She sighed and turned her gaze on Andrew and saw him smiling. The irritated look on her face faded and a smile came up. Okay. I think I should give them some alone time, I thought. 

I slowly started walking into the kitchen when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Then I rapidly walked into the bathroom because I know it was CeeJay and as I've said I really don't want to talk to him right now. So, I left Bea and Andrew alone in the living room giving awkward smiles to each other and hid in the bathroom.

"Hey guys, where's Brenda?" I heard CeeJay ask the two lovebirds through the bathroom door.

"She was here like a minute ago, but now I don't know. Maybe in the bathroom or something." Bea answered.

Damn it. Now he's probably gonna knock on the door and be like "Hey Brenda, are you okay?" Ugh! I just want to go home!

"Hey, are you okay?"

Oh would you look at that. I was right! What should I say? That I didn't want to talk to him? I couldn't do that! I'm at his house and it's not like he would leave if I said that... 

"Umm yeah, I'm fine. I'm coming out."

I opened the door to see CeeJay standing so close to it. My face almost hit his chest. Damn, he looks so hot! He took a step back which gave me some space to walk pass him and walk back to the living room. I didn't look at him. Did he notice? I wish he did...

"So are you guys hungry?" Andrew asked.

Bea looked at me and I gave her a kind of look and she answered for me.

"Kinda." She said.

CeeJay walked towards us and said, "How 'bout you Brenda?"

Does he really have to talk to me? Can't he just talk to Bea and Andrew? Like seriously, it would be a lot easier for me!

I nodded to answer without even looking at him. 

Andrew stood up and grabbed Bea's arms, but she hesitated to stand. I looked at Andrew and hope that CeeJay was as sweet as him. I guess the two love birds had their secret talk because Bea finally stood up and went to the kitchen with Andrew leaving me with CeeJay. Why!? I thought.

He took a seat beside me and took my hand. I couldn't help it so, I kinda gave in. He was playing with my fingers while giving me shy looks like it was our first time to go out or something.

"I actually wanted to ask you something..." CeeJay whispered.

"What is it?" My heart was beating so fast!

"Would you like to be my girlfriend?"


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