Chapter 8:

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At about 12 everyone finally started to leave, leaving Harry, Lou, and I alone. I start to clean up, picking up the cups and putting away the food. Then someone tapped on my shoulder, I turn around to see Harry's green eyes staring back at me.

"Em why don't you go get ready for bed, I can finish this up, I'm sure you want to spend some time with Lou," he says.

"Really," I exclaim. "You don't have to, I don't mind, it will take me like 10 minutes," I explain while picking up another glass from the coffee table.

He grabs my wrist and takes the glass from me.

"Go," he whispers in my ear.

I smile and tell him thank you before going off to the bathroom. Louis was already upstairs in his room, and had left some clothes for me in the bathroom. I step in and close the door. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and pull my hair up into a ponytail, before stripping off my dress and sliding on the T-shirt left for me. It was quite big on me, it was dark grey with some band name on it. I looked at myself in the mirror before walking out of the bathroom. I walk down the hall until I reach the door to Louis' room. The door was cracked, I slip in with a smile. Lou was sitting in the middle of the bed on his phone, he was on top of the covers in his stripped pajamas and a blue V-neck. He looked adorable. I smile when he looks up at me, he smiles back at me.

"Well hello love," he says warmly.

"Hi," I say while walking towards the bed

"Did you hear about Niall and Ashley, they spent some time in here," I grin.

He shoots me a confused look as I approach the side of the bed. I'll have to explain that they got a little too cozy in his room later.

I jump on and straddle him. He places his hands on my hips as I lean down to kiss him.

"Hey I wanted to talk," he explains.

"Now," I ask while I start kissing down his neck.

"Yes, it's important," he says while stopping me.

I frown and start to get off of him but his grip on my hips tighten.

"You can stay where you are it will only take a minute," he winks.

I smile realizing his wasn't turning my offer down.

"Well what is it," I smile.

"Okay," he sighs.

"Well, so, I don't know what you're going to think about this, so don't be mad,"

"Just spit it out," I laugh, "I'm sure I won't be mad," I say while planting a final kiss on his lips.

"Well on Monday I need to leave for America for two weeks," he says while holding his hands to cover his face as if I would hit him.

"Why are you going to America for two weeks," I ask him, trying not to sound upset.

He finally asks me to move in and he has to leave!

"Management signed me up to mentor a music program in L.A., I couldn't decline. I asked if I could take you with me, but they said that it was a bad idea," he explained.

"Are the rest of the boys going with you," I ask hoping they weren't so I wouldn't have to spend two weeks alone in our flat.

"Liam is coming with, but the other boys are staying, so at least you'll have Harry to help you get settled in," he tells me.

I started thinking, Monday was three days away.

"How come you're just telling me of this now," I ask with a slight smile on my face.

"I didn't want to make you upset," he says like it was a question.

"That's not a very good answer," I tell him.

"Maybe I can make it up to you," he grins while rubbing my hips.

"I suppose you might be able to make it up to me," I smirk.

I lean down and kiss him. What was I suppose to do without him for two weeks.

Those three days went by so fast. We put my flat up for sale, and moved most of my furniture into storage. Lou made room in his drawers and closet for my clothes. We had almost everything unpacked except for a few boxes that were sitting in the living room, I would get to those later. Louis was extremely determined to get me as settled in as possible before he left. Monday came around too fast though. Harry, Louis, and I drove with Liam and Danielle to the airport. Harry and Louis said goodbye as did Harry and Liam. Harry told me he would meet me in the car leaving Lou and I to ourselves since Liam and Danielle were in their own world. I look at Lou and smile. He would only be gone for two weeks, this wasn't like a tour were I wouldn't see him for three months.

"Well I guess this is goodbye," I start.

"I'm gonna miss you like crazy you know," he says, while running his fingers through his hair.

"I know," I reassure him.

"I'll skype when I can and call you everyday."

"Oh booobear," I say while hugging him.

I almost didn't want to let go. He pulls away and leans in to kiss me on the forehead.

"I love you," he whispers into my forehead.

"I love you too, have a great trip," I tell him.

He finally let's go of my waist and starts to back away slowly.

"Goodbye," he mouths.

I mouth it back and smile while I wait for Danielle. She joins me while we watch the boys head off. We make our way back to Harry. We talked about how much we would miss our boys, while I sent out two text messages.

To Liam:):

Please take care of my Lou Lou while you're away, don't have to much fun.(;

To Boobear:

Have a great trip I'll miss you so much. I love you and miss you already. I'll take to you later, have a safe flight.(: xx

I laugh while I sent them and quickly got to texts back.

From Liam:):

Ill keep my eyes on him at all times he wont make it out of my sight! Watch Dani for me(;

From Boobear:

I love and miss you more, have fun with Harry. I already can't wait to get home. I'll call you when I land. Don't wait up.(: love you. Xx

I step inside the car as we drive away, wondering what these two weeks had in store for me.

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