Chapter 18

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     I stand there frozen in the doorway, wide eyed and jaw dropped to the floor, glancing at everyone around the room. I reach up and rub my eyes, wondering if my family and my clothes are actually standing there in font of me. As I open my eyes they are still there, smiling back at me. Why are they here? Who got them here? I think to myself, but I force myself to snap out of my daze. I shake my head slightly and smile widely back. I take a step forward and open my mouth to speak but before I can say anything my mother is there, taking me in her arms and hugging me tight.

"SURPRISE!" She says more chipper than usual. I smile as she hugs me, and I look around the room and see Harry. I give him my "what's going on ?" look and he just smiles back and shrugs.

'What are you guys doing here?!" I ask, as my mom finally releases me. But soon enough my dad is hugging me.

"We'll you're good friend Harry here contacted us and said your management would fly us over for the first show!" My mom squeals, pulling Harry over.

"Oh did he?" I ask smiling, raising an eyebrow at Harry. He just smiles at the ground then looks back at me.

"Thought it would be nice to have them here." He answers. I smile, and step forwards to hug him, but know that I shouldn't since some of management is in here.

"Well thank you." I answer before turning my attention to Jaz standing beside my dad. We both do our usual squeel, the one you do when you see your best friend after a long time away. I hug her, smiling and jumping up and down.

"Ah this is so cool! Oh my god Jess you're like semi- famous now! You are all over magazines in London with headlines like "London fashion student hits it big!" Like you are all the school talks about. Like everyone is so excited to see the clothes in class! Oh man I need to slow down sorry..." Jaz says taking a deep breath. I look at her confused. i haven't seen anything about me? I should really check twitter...

 Just as I open my mouth to say something in response, the door opens and Lisa, the scheduele cordinator, pops her head in.

"Boys you need to start getting ready, now." She says, checking her watch. They nod, and my parents and Jaz take that as a cue to leave.

"We'll see you after the show, love you honey!" My mothers says as my father practically drags her out the door behind Jaz. I smile as the door closes behind me. The rest of management leaves, muttering things to the boys on the way out. When they are all gone, I run over to Harry and jump on him, giving him a huge hug.

"Thank you so much!" I say kissing his cheeck. He laughs, not expecting that. I feel his arond rap around my waist as he hugs me back, setting me on my feet once again.

"Welcome babe, I thought it would be nice for your first show." he smiles, pulling away. I smile back he leans in and gives me a kiss.

"Get a room!" Liam says, standing behind Harry, holding the girl's hand still. I pull away, feeling embarrassed and mumble an apology to Liam. He just smiles and says

"This is my girlfriend, Dana." He says, giving her hand a little squeeze.

"Nice to meet you Dana." I say giving her a hug.

"You too Jess. I'll be with Shalina in the audience, can't wait to see the clothes!" She says, a wide smile on her face.

"Well thank you, won't be long now."

She smiles and nods saying "Well I should go, you boys need to get ready." She gives Liam a quick kiss, and follows Shalina out the door who did the same. I watch them leave, Thinking Wow, theyre are beautiful.

I push the thought away, not wanting to get insecure right now, and clear my throat. "Right, we should start getting you boys ready." I say to Lou, who has joined me by my side.

"Sounds like a plan. I'll start with Zayn's hair, his takes the longest. Then I'll do Louis, Niall, Liam, and lastly Harry." She says, already walking over to her station, Zayn in the chair looking through his phone. I can't help but think how cute he would look with Jazmin. I smile slightly, and get back to work. I walk over to the rack of clothes, running my fingers over the fabrics. I can feel myself smiling, but I don't try to hide it. I am so happy I have gotten this far, and my designs have come to life, and are hanging right in front of me.I pull out a blue and white striped shirt, and it has a little tag on it that says LOUIS in big, bold, black letters. I start separating the clothes into a section for each boy on the large metal rack, going my memory and having the tags there for help. When I'm done, I go over to the shoe rack and pick out each boys' shoes, setting them under the sections on the ground. I stand back and look over my work, happy with the final outcome.

      I feel a tap on my shoulder, and Zayn is smiling behind me. "They look great Jess." He says.

"Thanks Zayn, everything should fit." I add, biting my lip, going into fashion mode. I grab the hangers for Zayn and hand them to him.

"Go change in there, then come out and Ill adjust it all." I say, nodding towards a changing room. He smiles and nods, walking towards the door. I stand there hands on my hips, and wait for him. While he's chaging, Lou finishes touching up Niall and Liam's hair, and they come over to rack.

"they look great Jess." Niall says, shoving a chip in his mouth.

"Thanks Niall, but get those away from my clothes!" I laugh. He smiles, still chewing, and proceeds to wipe his cheesy fingers on my shoulder.

"Aw come on Niall!" I say brushing it away. He just laughs, throwing away the bag. I hand Liam his clothes, and he goes into the other dressing room. I hand Niall his, and we wait for Zayn.

Finally after what seems like ages, he comes out, wearing my designs. It almost brings a tear to my eye, seeing my clothes on him. He has baggier khakis on, with a white undershirt and the letterman's jacket on over it. He has it buttoned all the way, and I walk over and undo them on, except for the top one. I smile and say "You look great."

"I love it Jess, very nice job." He says as he puts on his navy blue Nike shoes. I nod, still smiling and soon Liam comes out, in his dark khakis and plaid shirt. I adjust his, and he says "Its amazing."

"thank you Liam." I say, adjusting the collar on his shirt. I do this with the rest of the boys, getting compliments from all of them, and a kiss from Harry, who looks hotter than normal in his blazer.

"You're pretty cute, you know that Mr. Styles?" I say as I fix the pocket on the jacket.

"So Ive been told." He says with a sly smile. I stand up, and he leans in and gives me a kiss. Then suddenly the door opens and I pull away quickly, just in time so Lisa doesn't see us. She steps in, looking at the boys.

"You guys look great, but you're needed in the audio room to test the microphones.' She says, actually smiling. The boys thank Lou and I, leaving the room. I cant help but smile as the boys, and my designs, leave the room.

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