Chapter 1- Meeting Trey; Bottom's Up

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A/N: Alright well this might be really long so just hang in there. Anyway I'ma have a different song for every chapter so umm... this is gonna have a lot of SongZ *wink wink* in the multimedia....But anyway enjoy..


Zabrina's P.O.V.

I jolted up at the sound of my goddamn alarm clock ringing.

8:30 am

Shit, I gotta get up for my dance class. I hopped out of bed and winced at the feeling the cold floor gave to my warm feet. Then I  went and picked out my outfit; A blue V- neck skin tight T-shirt, blue booty shorts with purple stripes on the sides, purple leggings, with a  blue and purple plaid shirt. And to finish it off I added blue high-top Nike's.

  After my shower I got dressed and brushed my teeth and put my hair into a ponytail. Then I applied mascara, I really didn't need to wear foundation and all that other bullcrap because well I'm pretty and don't wanna end up looking old before I get there. Since I was in a rush I decided to grab an apple for the way.

I had 4 cars, all in purple or black. I decided to take my work car, a Mustang GT convertible.

----- At The Dance Studio-----

  I got to the studio 30 minutes late, because of the fucking traffic. Wow, California can be a goddamn hassle. i found Tala, my older sister, doing warm-ups with the girls. She's great at dancing, she just doesn't do it. Instead I'm a model for her fashion line Diva N' Style.

"Hey sis, sorry I'm late, the traffic is just fucked up." i said

"Oh, don't worry, we were slacking. But we were just wondering if we could celebrate tonight for our last victory if we could go to the club?"

"Oh giddy," I said jumping and clapping "Which one? Ohh, how about the new joint? Umm... Dreams I think, I heard it is going to be LIVE!"

"Yes! We were just talking about that one!"

"Great! Anyways, girls we have to rehearse for our upcoming competition." I said as Tala was grabbing her stuff "Thanks Tala, but I think I can take it from here."

"Alright, bye sis" she said and kissed my cheek

"Bye, Tala"

"Bye, Divaz"

"Hey Divaz, how are you?"

"Good Zabrina!" they chorused

"Alright, well for our new competition we are doing Already Taken by Trey Songz"

They all cheered and we got to work. At 6:30 we decided we should stop and go home to get ready for tonight. Then at 10:00 we will be picked up.

"Bye Divaz!"

"Bye Zabrina!"

*************~At The Club~*************

Zabrina and the girls rented a limo for the special occassion. They all agreed to get one because none of them are gonna be sober when they leave. They all looked great, Zabrina was wearing all Gucci, a Gucci sleeveles minidress with suede Gucci platforms, and Gold hoops with her name in it and a gold clutch. Tala was wearing Golce and Gabbana sweater mini dress that fit her figure great, with teal platform heels that brought out the teal in her dress, and teal pearls in her ears with a teal clutch and a heart necklace dangled from her neck. Long story short they all looked sexy and ready to kill it.

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