The Storm

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The Storm 

Austins POV

“Home sweet home” Alan mumbled to himself as he unlocked his front door. He sighed to himself looking around the small empty house

 “I need to find someone that loves me” he whispered 

Too bad Austin will never love you I bet hes fucking Gielle right as we speak. I bet he doesn’t even think of you. Youll never be more than a friend to him.

Hot tears began rolling down Alans cheeks as he continued to argue with himself. He made his way into the kitchen and opened the fridge

Fat cow stop eating youre already out of shape, Austin will never love you with how fat you already are. 

The sudden noise of Alans ring tone made him jump bringing him back into reality. He shuttered at the name that lit up his screen

“H-hey” He said clearing his throat 

“Where the fuck are you?!” The voice yelled

“Im home, I just got back from dropping Austin off” he cringed from the harsh tone

“Well why arent you here?! Get the fuck over here before I hurt you even more!” 

“O-ok Ill be there in a minute, do you need anything?” 

The sudden silence and a click indicated that he had hung up, Alan sighed and leaned against the counter slowly falling down and pulling his knees up to his chest. 

Why are you still with him? All he does is beat you around and make fun of you. Austin wouldn’t do that, Austin would treat you right. But you’ll never have Austin and Oli was as good as you were gonna get to him. He took in a deep breath before standing back up and heading out the door again to head over to his current boyfriends house. Oliver Sykes. 

I wonder what Austins doing. He thought to himself

Over at Austins house it wasn’t too fun either. 

“Gielle what the fuck?!” He screamed as angry tears ran down his face

Austin had walked into Gielle and who was that? Danny Worsnop?

“You” he pointed to Danny “You get the FUCK out of my house” he yelled 

“A-Austin” Gielle whimpered 

“Don’t talk to me, you can get out too. I know you’ve been cheating since we’ve been together and Im tired of it. I bet that baby isn’t even mine you. You whore” He said bitterly. 

As everyone knows, Austin is a sweetheart so for him to say something as harsh as that meant he was hurt. He sat in the living room as Gielle packed her things staring at the wall blankly, no emotion was on his face.

Why would she do this? Was I that bad of a husband to want and get away for two weeks? I always treated her so nicely. She appeared to have this heart of gold, but I married this girl with questioning ways and she turned out to a be a cheat. I should of guessed. 

She walked out fully dressed now and had a giant suitcase 

“Well Ill call you so we can talk later” she said quietly

“Don’t even bother” he responded, his voice was cold and meaningless. He got up and opened the front door for her. He held his hand out. 

“Wh-what?” She asked honestly confused

“Your ring. I don’t want to be with someone who thinks it ok to cheat and can get away with it”

Gielle stared up at him with shock, it took her a moment before pulling the ring off and setting it in his hand gently 

“Look Austin, I didn’t mean to I just missed you and I needed to get off and Danny was in town and”

“Stop while youre ahead. Have a good life Gielle, don’t ever try and contact me” He cut her off and shut the door in her face as she began to talk again.

Austin stared around the room taking in everything that had just happened. “Fuck” He whispered to himself falling to his knees in tears. 

How could she do this? I treated her nicely

His thoughts began to repeat themselves as he picked himself off of the ground and went into the bathroom where he looked at himself through the mirror 

“Youll never be good enough, just give up. Youll never be good enough.” he whispered bitterly to himself. On the edge of the counter he saw a brand new razor. He looked at it biting his lip as memories of his teens flooded back to him. 

There he was sixteen sitting in the dark on the edge of his bed with the clean razor held up to his vein, he slowly slid it across and warm blood began flowing out. The sensation calmed him as he did it again and again.

“I go hard in the mother fuckin paint” began blaring from his pocket, interrupting his memory, Alan. 

That was his ring tone for when he called.

“Hey buddy” Alan answered happily “Just checkin in on you hows everything?”

“Can you please come over? Code red” Austin said holding back the tears without breaking his stare away from the razor blade, he picked it up and lightly ran it over his skin, not hard enough to cause any damage

“Uh uh, fuck. Stay right there Ill be there soon ok?” Alan responded quickly

Alan knew about Austins cutting problem, when they met after Austins fall out with Of Mice & Men and began to make their own band. They grew closer, they would tell each other anything and everything. Code Red meant that Austin either just cut or was about to. Code yellow meant he was upset and felt the urge.

Alan quickly turned around ignoring his cell phone blaring with the caller ID as Oli<3 

Why the fuck is there a heart? Ill figure that out later, Austin needed me and I know Id have to pay for not meeting Oli.

As Alan was driving around like a bat out of hell Austin found himself on the bathroom floor with the blade to his skin, 

“So much for Forever and Always” He said before slicing hard and deep.

Blood oozed over almost immediately, he did it again and again and again till he ran out of room and went to his other arm. He kept doing it till he felt something. And that something was light headedness and then finally blacking out on his bathroom floor. 

A short time later Alan burst through Austins front door 

“Austin?!” He called out frantically. “Austin!?!” He called out again,

He saw Austins shoe poking out of the bathroom door

Was he laying down? Or. Fuck.

I feel like this chapter isnt as good, but again please tell me what you think It'd mean a lot 

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