The songs in this part are "Pop that Lock" by Adam Lambert and "S&M" by Rihanna. 

Kurt didn't know exactly what he was expecting of the night to come as he crawled into the cab that, sure enough, was waiting for him at nine o'clock, on the dot. He imagined Sebastian taking him to a place much like Scandals, where old, creepy gay men drank and danced and for the most part, left Kurt alone. Of course, he was wrong.

The windows to the building were glass. He could see inside through the rainbow lettering of the sign, reading "Pieces Bar".

This bar was a lot different than Scandals, for many reasons. For one, it didn't have much of a dance floor. People sat at tables or barstools facing a kind of dinky looking stage, backed with rainbow streamers and other cheesy decorations. Kurt was positive that there were better gay bars in the city... More than positive, he had been to a few. So he found himself incredibly confused as to why he was here. In fact, he was convinced he was in the complete wrong bar until he saw Sebastian sitting down at a table towards the front. He motioned towards Sebastian when the employee greeted him, and he silently slipped past the small crowd. Sebastian grinned when he spotted Kurt.

"You made it." Sebastian's voice was surprised, yet pleased.

"I did." Kurt answered briskly.

"I'm surprised. I didn't think you would. I might have misjudged you, Hummel."

"Oh, you definitely did." Kurt didn't think much about that answer.  So what's the deal with this place? There isn't even a dance floor."

"It's certainly no Scandals. But I know the owner. He and my dad... Well, it's complicated. Anyways, I get free drinks here, so I figured this would be the best place for you. We can get you sufficiently drunk without burning a hole through our pockets. Plus, I won't be able to lose you because my bet is that you'll be hogging that mic."

"Whatever, Sebastian. Why don't you order me a drink? Anything you want. If I'm going to end up drunk today, might as well make it fun." Kurt sighed as Sebastian smirked.

"Actually, I'm way ahead of you, Princess." Sure enough, a waiter walked over with two drinks. Sebastian's was just a beer. Kurt assumed this was because he didn't want to get too drunk. He was supposed to be looking after Kurt, anyway. And Kurt's was... well to be honest, Kurt wasn't sure. He very rarely drank. And when he did, it wasn't much more than a glass of wine. So when he looked down at this pink-ish liquid, he didn't know what to expect.

"To letting loose." Sebastian offered, holding up his beer. Kurt quirked an eyebrow at him, but tapped his glass to his and returning the statement. And then Kurt sipped his drink. Well, sipped would be an understatement. He gulped down most of the glass, and he would have kept going if Sebastian didn't stop him.

"Woah there, Princess. Slow down, you're gonna kill yourself."

"This tastes like feet." Kurt made a face.

"Try it again, it gets better." Sebastian answered, and Kurt raised the glass to his lips again. "Slower, this time."

Twenty minutes and three drinks later, it was safe to say that Kurt was drunk.

"I want... I want karaoke." Kurt said excitedly, looking up at the stage, which was currently empty.

"You sure, Kurt? You're pretty drunk." 

"You wanted me to let loose, right?" Kurt grinned, and stood up. He leaned in, barely an inch away from Sebastian's face as he whispered. "Watch me let loose, Bastian."

Before Sebastian could stop him, Kurt darted up and started to talk to the deejay, out of Sebastian's earshot. He just prayed that Kurt wouldn't sing something totally embarrassing.

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